Kate Middleton Hoax Suicide: Did Hospital Criticism Prompt Nurse's Death?

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The nurse in the Kate Middleton hoax may have hanged herself in part because the hospital came down on her very hard after falling for the infamous prank call.

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TMZ, via the Daily Mail, claims that in one of her three suicide notes, Jacintha Saldanha was critical of the London hospital for the treatment she received.

The story does not explicitly state that this treatment is connected to the hoax.

It appears to be the case, however, given one of the other suicide notes, which describes how she tried to cope with the fallout due to the Kate Middleton prank call.

The story has raised a new round of questions surrounding the tragic case, which unraveled last week after Kate was hospitalized with acute morning sickness.

The parties responsible for the prank played a role in the nurse's death - and are keenly aware of and devastated by that fact - but there are other factors to consider.

Did her superiors come down on her hard after the hoax, in which two Sydney DJs impersonated the Queen and Prince Charles, inquiring about Kate's health?

Could their reaction have impacted or changed the events that followed?

A hospital spokesperson claims hospital management was supportive of Saldanha, but they are not privy to what Jacintha Saldanha wrote in the notes.

As for the third note, the report claims the nurse, a married mother of two, laid out plans for her funeral. She then killes herself, reportedly via hanging. She was 46.

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