Kardashian Christmas Card: Where's Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be growing closer by the day, but it will take a lot more than a few public displays of affection for the rapper to truly be a part of reality TV's First Family.

As long as Kim's ring finger and womb remain barren, an insider tells In Touch, West will "not [be] on the family Christmas card."

Kardashian Siblings

“Kim has never had a boyfriend on the family Christmas card," the source says. "The only guy she's ever had on the family card was her first husband. If she marries Kanye, he’ll be on the card.

Wait, then how was Scott Disick on the 2011 Kardashian Christmas card?

"If they get pregnant before they get married, it will have to be discussed with the family. That’s how Scott got on the cards," adds the insider.

The tabloid has actually see the holiday tradition and it includes a reference to Kim's late kitten, Mercy.

Reads the opening line:

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Kim was waiting for Santa, while her cat Mercy played with a mouse. Kendall and Kylie hung their stockings on the chimney with care, as Rob was wondering why his SOCK designs were not there!"

Shoot us now. Please.

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Kayne dumped? What's so strange about that. That's
Kim's method--leeches and losers are right. Kate
has class and Kim has trash. Maybe Kayne gets out before it's too late. Kris (husband) could legally be the baby's father. She's married to him---not Kayne. I guess rules don't apply for her.


Kardashian's are nothing but tramps, sluts, money diggers. What a bunch of leaches and losers

@ lonnie

Sorry to use your words, but I couldn't have said it any better! Wonder what his late mother would think about
the Kardshians???? Wow

@ Sassy1000001

h are all of the nasty said words but the wal awa with the cash and bash th paparazzi. I thinkpaparrazi should stop botering and ardashias will go down where they will end up anyway.


Since when is being called someone's "baby mama" a compliment. And I don't even like Kim.


He's talking about BLACKS running everything you bunch of assholes! That's what that bitch does- he gets pressure- he plays the race card. You shit 4 Brains are so busy trying to see what white is racist you don't see the obvious...... As usual.

@ Rap is crap

Baby Mama is the same as Old lady and I hate that.


Kanye is doing damage control lmao the less seen with these creeps the better_he makes more gossip news than his music does these days ,so he's staying away besides this relationship is temporary so why would be on their Christmas card?

@ Lola

If you read the article, they specifically stated that Kim has yet to have any of her boyfriends in the photo. Clearly, this was a choice she made, not him. If they get married, then he'll be in it. As far as the relationship being "temporary", are you psychic? Did you see that through your crystal ball? Personally, I think this one will last.


If this story comes from a tabloid, I wouldn't believe it in the first place. If it is true, why is it a surprise? Kanye is not a Kardashian, and they specifically stated Kim has not had any boyfriends in the picture. It sounds like the usual tabloid article, creating drama where there isn't any.


Right...... because we all know that Kim is the pillar of strong standards when it comes to tradition and any of its correlating conduct.


it's a christmas card.

@ baja

baja i think u wud suit gud to be on the horror card