Kanye West Wears Skirt for 12-12-12 Concert Performance

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Money for Hurricane Sandy relief was not the only thing raised in Madison Square Garden last night.

So were many eyebrows in response to Kanye West's attire.

Despite performances by The Rolling Stones; Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder; Bon Jovi and many others, the rapper was the talk of Twitter not long after his performance. But not for anything he said or sang.

For the leather skirt he wore:

Kanye West Skirt Pic

The outfit has already inspired a Twitter account (@KanyesSkirt), as well as questions over whether West raided the wardrobe of Kim Kardashian.

What do you think of the attire on Kanye?


First of all, all you Weezy fans would know how he is the defacto r&b artist that has fine taste in haute couture. The connisseur of fashion as I'm sure he probably likes to call himself, regularly attends Paris fashion shows every season. Second, considering the above factual statements, the fact that he's wearing a skirt isn't that hard to digest. There is also the obvious hypocrisy of this outrage when he actually has donned a skirt before. Lastly, he proves his refined sartorial taste by choosing to wear Givenchy f/w 12-13.
The man knows his fashion. Unfortunately, this high taste doesn't transfer to the type of women he partners up with.


I bet that Kim K made a woman out of him. Is he really that obsessed with her that he wants to wear the same clothes she does? LOL.


I so agree with you Ginnel! That is exactly what I thought. Kim used to dress so cute, and be so fashionable but ever since she got w/not cute at all Kayne she is dressing horribly!!! I mean WTF Kim look in the mirror before u decide to go out w/those ugly outfits u have been wearing! Just because your famous does not mean u can throw on ugly outfits & they will look good! Stop wearing leather with every outfit, it just looks really bad sometimes!




I love how Kayne thinks he is a trend setter. He looks ridiculous. His fashion sense has gone hill in the past 3 years. Just look at Kim Kardashian's style before Kayne ( dressed awesome) and after Kanye ( her outfits look horrible 90% of the time. i dont know who is dumber Kanye for thinking he is some expert in womens fashion or Kim who actually listens to Kanye West's fashion advice. doesnt she have a mind of her own??? i remember she got rid of all of her clothes cuz kanye told her to and he filled her closet with what he felt she should wear. shes dumb snd with recent outfits she looks dumb too!

@ ginnel

If it is Kanye's idea to have Kim where a see through skirt with the fat ass in sheer view - BARF. Or the bra top that went with that emsemble. I WON'T LOOK if I see her picture. Just when I think she can't get anymore ghetto, one of them dresses her worse than hooker.

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