Justin Bieber on Grammy Snub: What a Bummer!

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Justin Bieber has many things in life: an adoring fan base, an amazing head of hair, a beautiful girlfriend in Selena Gomez.

But not a 2013 Grammy Award nomination, which is something his manager has already lamented to the press.

During an appearance on Ellen that will air today, the singer admits that no recognition for "Believe" is a pretty big "bummer."

Justin Bieber High-Five

"I was looking forward to [possible Grammy noms], but I know it will happen one day," says Bieber, who was up for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album two years ago.

Keeping things in perspective - heck, he's lucky to be alive after that Justin Bieber murder plot was foiled - the crooner added:

"I'm so young, I'm only 18. I'm just blessed to be able to do what I love every day."

That's the Justin we know and love! He and his favorite talk show host also played around with some Christmas toys during the interview.

Watch a clip from it here:


Its amazing how similar they look. Is Bieber a lesbian too?


He should not worry about it. As long as he is protected, rich, popular, etc., he should say, "The heck with the Grammy's".

Augustine mwombeki balige

he sucks...he's only copy n paste ooh bby super star.. he won't b dominated for music award this tym..


His peers have spoken, as with the fake housewives show, he is a talent free distraction. "Oh Baby Baby" was never sung by Zepplin, Eagles or Beatles - or Fleetwood Mac etc.

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