Jovan Belcher 911 Call: Released, Horrifying

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The frantic 911 call placed by Jovan Belcher's mother after the NFL player's girlfriend was shot Saturday has been released, and is not for the faint of heart.

Belcher's mother begged her son's dying girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, to stay alive while pleading for an ambulance shortly after the athlete shot her.

"She's still breathing but please hurry," a distraught Cheryl Shepherd says on the recording of her 911 call with Kansas City emergency dispatchers.

"I don't know how he (inaudible), they were arguing, please hurry."

She also is heard encouraging Kasandra Perkins to stay alive.

"Stay with me, the ambulance is on the way. Stay with me Kasandra, stay with me," Shepherd yells, adding that the bleeding Perkins is "just barely" awake.

When a dispatcher asked about Belcher, Shepherd says only: "He left."

When police arrived at the couple's home at about 7:50 a.m., they found Perkins' body on the floor of the master bathroom with multiple gunshot wounds.

The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, 25, had murdered Perkins, 22, at their home, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and shot himself in the head.

He and Perkins have a three-month-old child. Jovan Belcher's suicide took place in front of Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and Coach Romeo Crennel.

The tragedy has set off widespread debate - and even a strong Bob Costas gun control statement - and turned the NFL world on its head for the past week.

Our hearts go out to Cheryl and her grandchild.


If this didn't involve a professional sports figure or celeb or white on black crime then this would not get print. He was a thug and from reports he always has been. A kid and baby momma in one place, shacked up at another, drinking, multiple hand guns. How would you expect this to end? In a love story? What is so surprising about any of this? Then the most pathetic humans morn and hang a freaking jersey in a doorway! They just can't beleive it happened? What a screwed up country.

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