Jennifer Lawrence Named Most Desirable Woman of 2012

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Jennifer Lawrence has been named the Most Desirable Woman of 2012, according to an international poll released by the website AskMen. She was 47th in 2011's survey.

Sexy Jennifer Lawrence

On the heels of her box-office smash The Hunger Games and her role as a quirky, sex-crazed young widow in Silver Linings Playbook, 2012 was her year.

AskMen editor in chief James Bassil said there's also her personal appeal.

"Overall, there's a sense that she's a little more authentic than other actors," he said. "She's also fresh ... we haven't seen her all over the gossip pages for 3-4 years."

If you've seen Jennifer Lawrence photos, they don't hurt her cause. The poll also ranked Mila Kunis, Kate Upton, Rihanna and Emma Stone in the top five.

What do you think? Is Jennifer Lawrence 2012's Most Desirable Woman?


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in mean yay shes hot but i think taylor swift beats her


What about Nicki Minaj come on people!!!!! Thats desirable. I think she is top 1


I'm a woman and I totally agree! I like her spunk! It's nice to have someone like her to look up to. Love Jennifer Lawrence!! <3

@ catchingfirehawaii

FYI, spunk = semen or "cum". A strange description of a woman if I've ever heard one. On looks, meh, she's all right. certainly not top 5.
My wife is better looking.

@ Conor

n niki is not disierable at all yuc

@ Conor

Spunk is a Taboo term for sperm. It also means spirited or eager willingness.


Most Desirable Woman 2012 Top 99 Complete List and Videos HERE

@ Vercy Goel

whats that site for????


She reminds me of Gisele Bundchen.


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Jennifer Lawrence is a very beautiful and talented young woman. But as far as most desirable, maybe they could have chosen More woman of color like Rihanna, Kerry Washington Lotoya Luckitt and the like. Im not trying to be a shit starter but why does the media always do this when there's the most sexy or desirable with woman and also why don't they e er feature woman with curves? Just a nice select few ladies of color who are beautiful as well as super talented. That's all I'm asking!

@ Marianna

You're a complete dumbass. It's people like you that we have racism. It doesn't matter if they are "of color". Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly sexy and she has meat on her bones, Rihanna and Kerry Washington don't. Simple as that.

@ Cassandra

i know dat was racist of marriana to say but in defence of rihanna and kerry washington they have meat on their bones and their both sexy

@ nduwimana

I don't think they do... Plus Rihanna is an idiot for getting back with Chris Brown

@ Marianna

Of colour? like us pink (a.k.a "white") people don't have colour either? I'm with ya on the lack of curvy babes, skinny women are not sexy. Spoken as a man.


I Love Jennifer Lawrence! She's the best!


She is hot....BUT...Lindsay is waaaay hotter.

@ Shadow Rider

hell no jenifer is way hotter than lindsey