Janet Jackson Christmas Card: (Solo) Season's Greetings!

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Season's Greetings from Janet Jackson!

Whether or not Janet is actually engaged to Wissam Al Mana, we can't say for sure. But the 46-year-old maybe bride-to-be did post this nice holiday card on Twitter:

Janet Jackson Holiday Card

Is Janet Jackson engaged or not? According to Us Weekly, who reported the rumored engagement just after Christmas, she and Wissam Al Mana will wed this spring.

Neither she nor her 37-year-old Qatari businessman love of 2.5 years have confirmed it, of course, and Janet - unlike some of her siblings - is very private.

If she is engaged, don't expect that you'll necessarily see her make a big deal of it ... but at least the superstar is wishing us a joyous holiday regardless.

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Oh also before I forget, Lauryn Hill did one of the best classic original albums ever called the miseducation of Lauryn Hill maybe you've heard of it, maybe not.At any rate, please listen to her song "it doesn't even matter" ft. D'angelo. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. And if you haven't heard of this artist, you should know her because I love her, and her name is Lana Del Rey and her song is called Video Games. My all-time favorite artist, she also sang "Young and Beautiful" from the great Gatsby soundtrack. And she did a song called "Ride" but I'd highly recommend that you see the video on YouTube because it's pretty damn close to how she describes me free spirit wise. And that's all I've got for now, it's 1:19 am and I hope I haven't overwhelmed you. It looks like we've got an awful lot in common in the music area. Goodnight or Good Morning rather ;-)

@ @Sims

You're welcome. My motto regarding music....if we can all dance together, then we can all live together too! ;-)

@ @Sims

I'll give it to you- you have no music boundaries. I'm empressed- again! I like it and I can see why you do as well. I also like Lana Del Rey's music. Hope your having a good week. Thanks for the musical info! :)


I remember hearing starry starry night in a movie of all places, I loved it right away. Starry, starry night....paint your pallet blue and grey.....I love that song too. ;-) Don McClean's American Pie is awesome until Madonna had to mess it up with the remade version. And I know about Roberta Flack only through Lauryn Hill remaking Killing me Softly with The Fugees. She just got outta jail from tax evasion....she's doing the rest of her time on house arrest." Oh and I love Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz and Me and Bobby McGee which I believe Kris Kristopherson originally wrote. So I know a little of my music. ;-) Later :-)


I like your music- quiet the variety. Many I've never heard of and I especially like your C Love song, never heard of it before and I didn't know she put out that good song. Story........ Back in the 70's Roberta Flack was at the top. One hit after another YA KNOW? "1st time I ever saw your face" & Killing Me Softly" and many more. My all time favorite was a sound track song called MAKING LOVE -movie same name. Personally I think it's her best work! Anyway- for years people asked her where the inspiration for KILLING ME SOFTLY came from- she wouldn't say so people speculated- maybe Stevie Winders music etc? Finally after many years (probably when people quit asking) she came out and SAID: One night she went to this small club and heard a guitarist named Don McClain. He was a around 20 years of age performer who's one big hit was the Record >AMERICAN PIE! She said she had never heard anyone so DEEP at such a young age. The song so enriching is "STARRY STARRY NIGHT" about VINCENT VAN Gogh the painter who commited suicide at the age of 37. The song by D McClain will take you there, the lyrics, the depth is 2nd to none. I saw him many years later- over weight, sitting on a bar stool in a run down club and not 100 people there. When it was over- I wanted to cry, it was beautiful and I'll never forget it. The most rewarding musical memory- for me.


I will look up those songs you suggested. In the meantime, let me blow your mind with songs that I love immensely like Nina Simone's "Time Is Now" A.R. Rahman, If you love me(Really Love Me) Frank Ocean, Strawberry Swing. He originally wrote The song for ColdPlay BTW. And last but. not least, Courtney Love's For Once In Your Life the acoustic version not the album version from her band Hole. That ones my all-time favorite. Oh and before I forget, The Civil Wars Barton Hollow. Classic. It was the first song that made me go out and purchase the entire album as,soon as I heard the song on VH1. ;-) Enjoy getting to know me ;-) K.

@ @Sims

Will do


I realize that you had this misfortune of being born to late in life and at least one penalty for that is not knowing much of anything about music. That's why I'm here. If you want to be up? Feel good? "Ooh child" by the Five Stairsteps.
"Tighter & Tighter" by Alive N Kickin
"Gimmie Gimme Good Lovin" by Crazy Elephant. I know what your thinking already. If depth and words (lyrics) is what you desire? "This Night won't last forever" by Sawyer Brown.
"Lady Down in Love" by Alabama
"One More Day" by Diamond Rio Maybe one late night you might share this with mama? "Rock N Roll Lullaby" by BJ Thomas. I'm sure the shock of it all (actually meaning in words) will JOLT your axis- just try and compose yourself- best you can.


So I won't forget, thank you for calling me on Sunday at 6:58pm and leaving me a message. I loved hearing your voice. I kept playing it over and over ;-)

@ Kimberly

Your welcome! Let me know when u feel like it again.

@ @k

I will.... ;-)


I'll never forget Tigerlily ;-)


Oh... Don't forget Tigerlily! (with her shit stirring ass?) Ha! there are many different layers to Kim..... as with us all! Something keeps bringing her back to the land of opinion and slander! Could be boredom, the urge to banter, stress relief or cheap entertainment! Personally I like just about every side of you- I like that Flare-Knee jerk reaction most times. I also like the sincere side that doesn't choose to cross the road to dispair or regrets. You come across as a very grounded and accepting individual and when you keep yourself... In the moment of reality- you know- the Here & Now. I like those conversations a great deal-I like to listen- I like the feeling of contributing. My opinion, you need a balance. You need stimulating conversation, you need an ear that you can trust, you need stress relief and to hear whispers to get you moist & the spontaneous moisture is the best. Balance..... Very important. Someone you can talk to- equally important, the future..... Let me get my crystal ball! Lol!


I'm glad that I gave you the touch of the abstract and made your heart just a little bit heavier. It means alot how much of an impression I've been able to give you...talking to you gives me such an insurmountable pleasure....not just with the erotic, but with you just genuinely wanting to listen to me. That's very rare in my world. Wherever this journey takes us, I'm glad and grateful for the experience....it's given me a great deal of happiness in my otherwise not so happy existence.....thank you for that :')


As promised, a list of all of my usernames.....Hell Raiser; WTF?; the rarely used Grim Reaper; FUCK YOU TOO!; Kiss My Ass. To name a few that's about it! What do ya think? Pretty wild huh? I have a username for almost every topic being discussed. I'm polite when I need to be in which case I'm just using my own name and there are certain subjects that require a much harsher opinion than the one me just using my own name would require. Because I know that most would be like " That couldn't be Kimberly saying that" but if I were saying what I needed to as WTF? Or say Hell Raiser, it wouldn't be such a surprise. Because most expect me to say wild shit, to which I all too happily oblige..... ;-) if I remember anymore, I'll let ya know....thanks for relaxing me.....you made me feel real good.... ;-)