Irene Sofia Esser Quintero, Miss Venezuela, Gives Best (Worst) Answer at Miss Universe 2012

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Olivia Culpo won the title (U-S-A! U-S-A!) but Miss Venezuela 2012 Irene Sofia Esser Quintero gave by far the best/worst answer at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant.

In addition to showing off their beauty in dazzling gowns and bikinis, they show off their brain power (or something like that) in the crucial Q&A round.

Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero, was asked "If you could make a new law, what would it be? And explain why." Her answer? Well, see below:

"I think that any laws there are in Constitution or in life, are already made. I think that we should have ... uh ... a straight way to go ... in our similar, or, eh, in ... in our life has it this," she said.

"For example, I am a surfer and I think that the ... the best wave that I can take is the wave that I wait for it. So ... please ... do our only ... eh ... law, that we can do. Thank you, Vegas!"

Hey. It's not her native language after all. Give her credit for trying!

The judges apparently did exactly that ... she finished as the Miss Universe second runner-up to winner Miss USA and Miss Philippines, respectively.

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0 points for stating there is enough government. She seems smarter than the judges.


Wow that was hilariously bad. The worst answer I've ever seen, and I used to always watch Miss USA and Miss Universe. In her defense, I think she doesn't speak English well enough to answer in English. It's not the only reason her answer was poor, but it had a lot to do with it.