Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner: Engaged! Again!

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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are engaged, like for reals.

Seriously, they are That runaway bride thing was so 2011.

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Image

The Playboy mogul and his ex-fiancee have long since reconciled and the two will walk down the aisle at the Playboy Mansion on New Year's Eve, according to reports.

Crystal bailed on their first wedding five days beforehand.

The couple has come a long way in 18 months, though, and are said to be better than ever these days; Crystal Harris moved back into the  Mansion earlier this year.

All their previous problems are water under the bridge at this point, and TMZ sources say they decided recently they want to try and get married again.

Crystal Harris Playboy Cover: Runaway Bride Edition!

Harris, apparently, feels the time she spent apart from Hugh last year taught her how to be independent, something she felt she needed before she could commit.

She's 26 ... he's 86.

Sources say Hugh and Crystal's wedding will be an intimate gathering with just close friends and family, so don't expect a big spectacle if and when she flakes out again.

Will she? Or is it actually meant to be this time? You tell us ...

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: Will it last?


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I guess she figures that since he's 86, she only has to be a hooker for a few more years. Hopefully, he'll leave everything to his kids and the hooker won't get anything but her 15 minutes of fame.



@ carol Hoousendove

We all get OLD . Do we all become FOOLS ? NO . n.b.: Hef is probably not a fool. He can do what he want$ , this is the bottom line here. I'd do the same,possibly.


cmon now. would she date him if he had no money. ha! what a shame men are so stupid when they get old. it is kind of gross.


i feel sorry for him. she looks like trash with all those bangles on in this photo. gold digger, of course. although i shouldn't feel sorry because he is old enough to know right from wrong. well, there is always me!!!!


who is talking about a will in the first place?


She's 26? She looks older then me, I'm 31. She'll flake out again.