Gun Control Debate: Time to Get Serious?

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The horrific shooting at the Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 28 dead, including 20 children, has re-ignited a polarizing debate over gun control.

If nothing else, it's time to get very, very serious about discussing the issue.

Obama Cries During CT Speech

Public figures immediately jumped in to offer condolences in the wake of the mass murder committed by Adam Lanza, while some called for new restrictions.

Plenty of others, while clearly sympathetic to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, defended gun rights and the 2nd Amendment.

President Barack Obama, who cried during a press conference regarding the shooting Friday, did not touch upon the controversial issue of gun control by name.

He did, though, sound a call to prevent further tragedies, regardless of politics.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he was "shocked and saddened" by the tragic shooting. He said society should "unify" to "crack down on the guns."

N.Y. City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said "immediate action" was needed.

Mark Kelly, husband of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was gravely injured by a gunman in Tucson in 2011, wrote on Facebook:

"The children of Sandy Hook Elementary School and all victims of gun violence deserve leaders who have the courage to participate in a meaningful discussion about gun laws."

"How can they be reformed and enforced to prevent violence and death in America?"

Many believe the CT school shooting tragedy is just the latest, preventable case of a bullied, disgrunted and/or mentally ill person taking lives that could've been saved.

Directly or indirectly, are guns too readily available to the perpetrators?

Fewer guns, tougher laws, fewer tragedies, right? Take away the availability and fewer weapons will fall into the wrong hands at the wrong times. Right?

Lots of people would agree with that theory, but not necessarily a majority.

2nd Amendment

The debate has been fast and furious in the past 24 hours, and not one-sided. Trending topics on Twitter included "2nd Amendment," "NRA" and "Columbine."

For every argument about the 2nd Amendment being antiquated is a counter-argument about its necessity, and its place in the foundation of American liberty.

Some gun rights advocates believe this tragedy epitomizes the need for gun rights, not gun control, as a means of protection against those who may act violently.

One Twitter user wrote, "The only gun reform we need is to allow people the ability to defend themselves, not provide nut jobs with easy targets #NRA."

Another posted, "Guns don't kill people people do! Practice the 2nd Amendment - keep your gun loaded with you at all times - the younger you are the better."

Philosophically, gun rights activists feel that gun control takes away another piece of our liberty, starting a slippery slope toward socialism and totalitarianism.

From a practical standpoint, they argue that criminals will always find a way to obtain guns, and that only law-abiding citizens would abide by regulations anyway.

Furthermore, they feel crimes are just as often prevented by the deterrent of gun possession, and a dangerous black market would develop in the event of tougher laws.

In light of recent events, and the arguments above, what do you think? Comment and vote below: Is it time to pass major gun control laws?


When will you people understand? When you disarm citizens, criminals will not worry where they strike...they know there will be no resistance, just like in a "gun free zone" at a school! You people are inviting an incredible rise in gun crimes. It's really not rocket science!!

@ Cherokee

Have you ever stopped to think of how illegal guns start off before criminals are able to get a hold of them? Illegal guns started off as legal guns, up to the point where they are either stolen by a criminal, or sold by the legal owner to someone else without much background checking. The more guns we pour in to our society, the more illegal guns there will be down the line.


The bigger problem is the media. These people would rather die the famous monster whose name will be remembered and talked about, than the sad lonely guy who killed just himself. If the media stopped focusing the story on the suspect and kept the focus on the victims maybe this would become a less desirable way to kill yourself for these nut jobs.


Yes Obama it is time to get serious. It's time to quit campaigning and blaming Bush! It's time to start acting like a Leader. I realize you have the mindset that says " If I don't do anything then I can't get blamed for screwing up" but it's time for you to grow a set of balls. You are losing this country- 35 out of 50 have already opted out of Obamacare ( your pride and joy) program. My money says that your weak ass will fold up and pack it in but 4 years is a long time to squat! This country has no faith in you and you standing there with fake tears changes not a damn thing! To quit selling the heavy weapons changes nothing! People are not well and under your administration the number is certain to grow! Race Card, Abortion, Gay marriage, healthcare- its a freaking disaster OOOOOO BAMIE! Not to mention Fast & Furious- Libya-! You cannot sit and choose what problem that puts the ball in congress court- always looking for a scapegoat- That's your political Card!

@ Red State

So tell us what difference does this rant of yours make? ... just a rant..

@ Red State

Yeah because all the people that voted for his reelection have no faith in him...

@ Jacqueline

I didn't vote for him and neither did damn near 50% of the population. Liberals act as if it was a landslide. 350 million in this country and he won by 3 million. Questionable as to how many we're ACTUALLY REGISTERED! The training wheels are falling off your Hero's train! But at least he favors free contraception and gay marriage! That should keep you satisfied for awhile- huh?


Nut jobs like this always look for large crowds of unarmed people to shoot at. By making a gun free zone, you are advertising to the world that this is where the easy target is. Please make our schools the hard target and forget about disarming the good people.

@ Aubrey Collins

I believe the shooting spree started at the shooter and his mom's home, which was not a gun free zone. The first victim owned guns, which was used against her by her own son.

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