Giuliana Rancic on Going Back to Work: A Struggle

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After three months of blissful maternity leave, Giuliana Rancic opens up to celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style about how heading back to work on E! News.

That decision, she says, has been the hardest of her life.

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Not only has it caused separation anxiety from four-month-old son Edward Duke, but it's got her rethinking a lot of things she had considered priorities.

  • Will husband Bill Rancic help her cope?
  • Will she give up her job entirely?
  • Will they have another baby?

Big decisions await.

Rachel burgess

Best wishes to you and Bill. Duke is the cutes little man and i hope you work out how you two will spend as much time with him as possible.... HE deserves it...


G……get off the merry go round of your need for being in front of the camera! Stay home and take care of your baby. You won't get a chance to re-do this time with him. You have wayyyyy too many projects going on to be an effective mother & wife.
An emotionally happy baby is much more important than fame. As well as your happy marriage. Too much confusion and travel in your life. Sorry, but I am really disappointed in you, as a mother.. Just waving at Duke and seeing him on your I phone. Sure makes you look like a self-centered person.
& Please STOP saying " you know what I mean" at the end of every sentence. It is so annoying.


Please come back looking healthier that before you took leave. Your rail thin body doesn't seem to support your huge head. Eat. Eat. Eat.

Jeroldine stringer

Guiliana! Don't expect any sympathy from your 'used to be fans" you ran off and started tons of projects as soon as you became a Mother. You will reallllly regret this in years to come. I am completely disappointed in you, as a mother. Ughhh

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