Gingrich: Gay Marriage Inevitable ... and All Good!

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Former House Speaker and White House hopeful Newt Gingrich made a surprising admission, saying gay marriage is both inevitable and okay by him.

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    This is sick and repulsive. Being a fudge packing queer is SICK and so is Newt!


    65% of what? Statics can and are made to say what the author desires. If all child molesters vote that it is ok to molest children does that make it ok? If 65% of practicaly no representation of "ALL" to populace says child molesting is ok does that make it the law of the land? Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Newt is smart enough to recognize "60% majority victory". Are you?

    @ Name

    God's law says Homosexual lifestyle is a sin - leave out the part of the equation that deals with God and the homosexual lifestyle is still disgusting. The lifestyle goes against nature, against decency, against the family. I guess all of those who agree with it feel that if a person is inclined to kill others it isn't his/her fault so it's ok - same sick reasoning.

    @ HeDOG

    Goes against nature? Homosexuality exists in hundreds of species across the animal kingdom. Homophobia exists in one. Which one is 'unnatural'? You need to actually go outside and experience things instead of guessing what gay people do. The simple fact that you call being gay a 'lifestyle' shows how unintelligent you are. Are drug users and priests the same lifestyle because they're heterosexual? And lastly, your God is make-believe. Sorry.

    @ HeDOG

    What's sick is your disrespect for people. It's disgusting that you would compare being gay to a murderer. Think about it, if someone is gay, they're gay and go about life only asking for the respect deserved by everyone. A murderer takes away innocent lives and causes harm. Where's the correlation in that? And honestly, it's people like you who are against the family, because you're against families headed by a gay couple. They're still a family, and no one is asking that families headed by straight couples change one bit. Live and let live, is that so hard?

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