Gabriel Aubry: Off the Hook For Olivier Martinez Brawl

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Police officials say Gabriel Aubry was to blame for the Thanksgiving Day brawl at Halle Berry's house, but just the same, he is unlikely to be charged criminally.

Detectives are now clear on what they believe happened: Gabriel committed two battery offenses against Olivier Martinez before Olivier tried to defend himself.

Gabriel Aubry with Daughter
Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez

After Gabriel dropped off Nahla, Olivier walked out and said, "We have to talk." Gabriel then shoved Olivier (#1) and took a swing at him, hitting his shoulder (#2).

At that point, Olivier responded in self defense and clocked him three times in the face.

Basically, he started the fight with Olivier Martinez, and lost it badly. Double ouch.

Law enforcement sources say they are "concerned" about "Gabriel's ongoing anger issues," saying he's had "a hard time getting over his break up with Halle."

The good news for Aubry? He's already reached a legal settlement with Halle, who does not want Gabriel charged because it wouldn't benefit Nahla's best interest.

The case will be set for an informal hearing at the city attorney's office, with the likely outcome is that Gabriel will agree to take anger management classes.

Officers could also decide to just drop the case altogether after hearing both sides.

Looks like this painful chapter for all involved (Gabriel especially) will soon end.


You guys need to get a life All of you all sound stupid and have no life!!!!


Boy, Gabriel got his a** whipped. I think I will believe the police as they are the experts on crime and said Gabriel started it. That criminal stepped up to the wrong man this time and got his face pounded. Way to go Olivier!


People are nuts, how can Halle set Gabriel up when it was his choice to start the fight and get his a** whipped? Nothing but racists making excuses for the white guy as both people of color in your eyes is always wrong. The police are just dealing with the facts and Gabriel has always had a bad temper that's why he and Halle are no longer together. Gabriel is a grown man, not a child, stop trying to make Halle responsible for Gabriel's actions. It's bad enough she lives in the state of California where she has to pay him for doing nothing.


You know this is the biggest bunch of bull reporting on the planet - Halle and Olivier have a normal reaction moment. First of all there is no way Halle & Vicious Oli would ever make 'nice' with Gabriel after all of that. He, again, wins the war with her after all of her fake attack battles against him (just think set-up on David Justice, fake sex addiction title on Eric Benet because she was frigid in their marriage and he hadn't had sex in two years so he 'strayed'). I believe Gabriel Aubry is the better parent all the way around and Halle suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Google it!


Of course, Halle and Ollie want Gabriel charged. But, everything blew up in their faces last week with the police photos of Gabriel, the "security tape", angry public, lack of evidence, etc.
This story and Halle's forced smile yesterday is just damage control. Her publicist must be exhausted. BTW, what happened to Olivier supposedly saying "Let's move on."?


Oh wait - if the LAPD assigned Anger Management Classes to Halle Berry it would require police escorts to/from class. No wonder they didn't impose it upon her. #Hassle #WouldRequireActualWork


Seriously? Both Ray Charles (RIP) and Stevie Wonder can see that this man was set up! The initial police report was based off "testimony" of Berry, Martinez & a Berry employee. Where's the impartial witness? Funny how this angry man's medical bills & legal bills were picked up by the "injured" parties. I'm willing to bed my last dollar that he was given "hush" money, too. Oh yeah, his visitation with his daughter was restored immediately. He can't get over Halle? LOL. The cops actually said that? He dumped her crazy behind. I love the Team Halle PR spin.


I think its a set up and he is taking the fall. I think she knows she is losing her career because this is showing who she truly is ..

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