Frances Bean Cobain to Courtney Love: Merry Christmas Kooksmcgee!

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Frances Bean Cobain actually acknowledged Courtney Love this week.

On Christmas, Love reached out to Cobain, 20, with a cheery holiday message: "Merry Christmas Bean!! love you more than you could ever know. xmamma."

Frances Bean, Courtney Love

Later in the day, she replied, Tweeting "merry christmas kooksmcgee."

'Tis the season.

Bean legally emancipated herself from Love a few years back, and the two have had basically no relationship; her father Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

Ecstatic about the online reconnection, however brief, Courtney Love launched into a series of gushing messages ... for all the world to see, of course:

"That tweet was the best gift ever, its all I need even if its a dammed social network :) miss that little head of yours," the 48-year-old Hole singer wrote.

"That beautiful little head, and those long legs."

"Oh and by the way, sorry about the second hand smoke thing re: baby pic. That was best Christmas gift ever. proudest mama in the world thank you Bean."

"Means the world to me."

Mmmmmmmkay. Perhaps it's not the worst thing Frances Bean Cobain has been doing her own thing of late. Kooksmcgee may be putting it mildly.

It's not clear what Love meant by the second hand smoke thing, but Frances has accused her of being a chain-smoking anorexic pill-popping pet killer.

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i think the second hand smoke thing was when she took that preggers pic with a cig in her hand. perhaps that little bean made smoking cool? ever think about that??