Demi Moore is a Girl Gone Wild in Miami

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Demi Moore is down in Miami this week partying it up for Art Basel. Moore has been spotted at various parties with rumored boy-toy Vito Schnabel, 26 and exhibiting in heavy PDA.

Demi Moore Partying

Moore, who just turned 50, was seen rocking out with Lenny Kravitz and Stacy Keibler at the Chanel Beach party. The actress was spotted throwing back Red Bulls and grinding on the dance floor.

According to the NY Post, earlier in the evening Moore picked up a stray kitten outside of the Soho Beach House. She toted the cat to the Chanel dinner and stroked it throughout the meal. We'd comment but the cougar jokes have already written themselves.

Moore has had a rough year including a stint in treatment and divorce proceedings with ex Ashton Kutcher


Colour White is kindness, innocence, goodness,brilliance......... Good Luck DEMI MOORE!


elegance missed to be at Chanel party in miami: an actress out of herself and a girl wearing a white dress and white panties...that's not style


Demi Moore looks GREAT at her age. "Demi Moore is a Girl Gone Wild in Miami", that is what people usually do when they are having fun at a party. Nothing wrong with her. She was so pity being cheated by her Ex-husbands......... Please leave her alone!!! Gods Bless all.
Thank you.


Leave the poor woman alone.........she's been thru hell, especially married to a creep like sh-thead kutcher.....chances are that he abused her for years before we heard anything about their troubles...i do agree that she should lay off the young guys though.....thats just more trouble

@ denise

Demi is an embarrassment to her daughters, Bruce, Ashton, & to any fans she may have had. She went from beautiful to bitch to boringly ugly & pathetic!


Can't Demi act a little more 50? She's embarrassing herself, acting like a woman half her age to the degree she's doing it. I'm not saying she needs to sit at home and knot things, but with her affinity for young men, and ODing on strange inhalants, and just plain looking like a 25 year old in her parry pictures, she probably should take her mid-life crises down a notch.

@ Kats

*or knit things. Ya know. Either way. lol


u rock demi! i hope ill look as hot as u when im 50 and sit next to lenny kravitz! ur awesome, live ur life lady:)


Good for Demi. She looks amazing for her age. Her kids are grown or mostly grown. She's not tied down. Why shouldn't she go out and party with friends? If she's happy with the way her direction her life is taking, then more power to her. I hope things go well for her in the future.

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