Chris Brown Returns to Twitter, Posts HOT Rihanna Photo!

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And he's baaaack! Chris Brown returned to Twitter Sunday after a week-long absence, and marked his social media comeback with a photo of a scantily-clad Rihanna:

Chris Brown, Rihanna Twitter Pic

Brown peaced out of Twitter following his vulgar online spat with comedian Jenny Johnson a week ago, but remained active on photo sharing site Instagram.

His Twitter page is back up and running, but all of his previous Tweets have been deleted. Instagram is where to find him (and hot Rihanna pics) for now.

Rihanna has also been posting photos of Brown on Instagram page, including a shot of him lying shirtless on a bed and a shot of her giving him a big hug.

Despite the Chris Brown feud, which erupted after Johnson bashed Brown and he replied by threatening to defecate on her, he and Rih seem happier than ever.

Brown kept a low profile for the past week before returning with the above pic and the caption, "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?"

Deep thoughts from Chris Brown right there. At least they aren't profane or about excretory acts.

A similar question: What would the celebrity gossip world talk about if Chris Brown and Rihanna didn't exist? Love 'em or hate 'em, they're always courting controversy.

Probably just how they like it. What you think about them is, to quote their latest collab, "Nobody's Business," yet they certainly seem to invite opinions and comments, no?

Here's a sampling of their recent Instagram pics (with one classic parody):

Rihanna-Chris Brown Pic Spoof
Rihanna Hugs Chris Brown
Chris Brown Tats
Chris Brown Meditates
Chris Brown Shirtless in Bed
Chris Brown, Terrorist Costume
Rihanna Shirtless
Rihanna Smoking in Bed

OMG. TMI. who cares, is this what America comes down to? U do something foolish and u r in the media constantly, but the people that r productive citizens gets buried on the back burner. Rhianna and Chris r 2 sad soles who need constant recognition to feel like somebody. Get a life.


This twit is truly an ignorant ass and has got the nerve to ask, "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?" Your idiotic music as you call it is negligible compared to the whole music business. I will never spend a red cent on his music. Matter of fact, I do not know a single song of his and not interested to know.


So desperate for attention,just like Lindsey and kim kartrashian,oh and let's not forget kanye.........


yep, too hot to handle.
hahahahahahahahahaha, YOU IDIOTS!!


Ke$ha has delicious new sound coming out soon, not with Chris Brown though.

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