Celebrity PSA: Demand a Plan to End Violence

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In a new Public Service Announcement, celebrities from the world of television, music, movies and more gather with one basic urging of the American people:

Demand a plan to end gun violence.

Just hours after an NRA press conference espoused the addition of patrol officers and guns to every school in the country, stars from Beyonce to Jon Hamm to Aziz Ansari are seemingly sending another message.

Watch them do so now and vote in our poll...

Should we enact major gun control legislation?


Please dont call Rihana and these celebs commies.


Ugh! When these celebs don't have private security that have weapons they could make a PSA that means something. I guess their lives are important enough to protect with guns, as long as they don't hold them in their own hands.


I live only 12 miles from where the Sandyhook shooting happened. I also have childre in that age range. And it shook me to my very core. However, we have thoundsands of gun laws on the books and they have not stopped one tragedy like this. I hate guns and am afraid of them but it seems to me if someone is so hell bent on commiting the kind of evil that was unleashed that day no law can stop them. The bigger question to me is how do we as a society stop reacting only after the fact? How do we shift our thinking from reacting after to acting before?


Ridiculous poll. I rescind my vote ! Media terrifies people by showing extremes on both sides if this issue. Fanatical responses!


no jesus christ but "Jessica Christ" this time.