Caroline Wozniacki as Serena Williams: Racist or Raucous?

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During a tennis exhibition in Brazil this week, Caroline Wozniacki impersonated Serena Williams, using towels to pad her chest and rear end.

Funny, right?

Not according to some critics, most notable Whoopi Goldberg.

Said Goldberg on The View yesterday:

"That visual is generally seen with a bone in their nose, and a short little skirt like she's got on. And that's why people see it as being somewhat racist, because it's an image that we have seen before.

"And I don't ever remember them making fun of any of the white tennis players... Why Serena? What is it about her? Is it her color? Is it the fact she's not 4 inches wide and weighs 6 ounces, and can beat all of their asses with her eyes closed?''

It's probably because Wozniacki and Serena are good friends, with the former visiting the latter at home this year when Williams was dealing with blood clot issues.

But... maybe not? You tell us: Is Wozniacki's impression racist?


If a talentless cow like Wozniaki really wanted to imitate Serena she could have started by actually winning some games. Notice on the video she was already behind when she pulled this stunt --then went on to lose the match!
What a moron.


This White flat cake b*tch has some nerve. Whitey goes way to far sometimes. Thank Goodness Sereana has manners..I don't. I would have thrown my Tennis Racket at her Racist a$$.


Yes, because black people are the only people that have T&A. Geez. Overusing the race card is really degrading to blacks who were enslaved, hanged, and oppressed. That has to be a fun way to live... Walking around everyday and analyzing what can be deemed "racist". Sounds like a good way to spend ones time on earth. What a contribution.


a terrific joke, her tist are truly enormous for a pro-sporter.


This 21st century race card is a runaway train. Concocted by the Liberals in order to separate themselves from accusations. This of course is nothing but self serving for the MSNBC generation and at the end of the day they are exposed as to how chickenshit and ruthless they really are. Hollow in soul, empty in head it all made since to them on paper. One fact will always remain the same. Once you play that card all dialog is finished and the hole you dig is deeper. The card carries no weight, it only brings out who YOU really are and what you are all about!

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