Carly Rose Sonenclar Family Blames LeAnn Rimes for X Factor Loss [Updated]

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Tate Stevens has won Season 2 of The X Factor.

But did LeAnn Rimes actually swing the voting in the direction of this aspiring country music star?

Yes, according to the family of runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar, following that 13-year old's duet of "How Do I Live" on Wednesday's final performance show. Watch it here:

Talk of LeAnn Rimes drunk on stage circulated after the wobbly rendition, with the troubled singer's rep initially blaming Sonenclar for his client's woes, telling TMZ Rimes was trying to help a "nervous" Carly Rose.

Is that really what the above performance looks like to anyone else?

Rimes went on to claim she never uttered a negative word about Sonenclar, but TMZ is standing by the rep's quote.

Insiders say that Sonenclar's mother and other relatives are simply aghast that Rimes would direct any blame at all toward Carly Rose, especially considering how she clearly out-sang LeAnn on-air.

UPDATE: Carly's father has left us a voicemail and said, emphatically, that no one in the family blames Rimes for the show's outcome.

What do you think? Should Rimes take any of the blame? And did Stevens deserve to win The X Factor?


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Lee Ann Rimes used to be great until she became uncontrolably horny for married men. And yes Lee Ann did screw up Carly's chances to win. Carly should of won, and would of had she had a decent relevant artist to sing with instead of Lee Ann Crimes. I mean seriously Tate had a relevant current chart topping group to jam with that was spot on. Lee Ann drug down that poor little girls chances, and she worked so hard! Tate sounds like most other country male singers he is not unique like Carly's pipes are. OMG when she did Somewhere Over The Rainbow! Enough said, sad so sad, thanks Lee Ann Rehab and shame on the X-Factor and/or her mentor for not choosing Celine Dion for Carly to sing with!!!!!!!!!!

@ Steve Smith

Oh please people get over it, that little girl struggled to keep up with me! I carried her all the way through, I can't help it if I draw attention to myself, because it's only natural as I was the greatest singer in that x-shit factor stage period! So suck on that haters!


Tate Stevens may be a star only in America, not the whole world. However Carly Rose Sonenclar born a star. She has got an amazing voice, and everyone is sad that she did not win. - entries from Carly Rose's Fans - Hungary


I feel the music industry are being sympathetic because Tate has family and Carly has more ahead of her, so what? she was better than him for 5million dollars contract


Plus, I don't know how she lost when she was the fan favorite and her hits on YOU TUBE were alot more popular than Tate's. Something sounds wrong here.


Carly is a great singer. Tate sounds like every other male country signer. Yes he is good, but what Carly did was more impressive for her age. Turn on country music station and I can here Tate now, his sound is the same sound as other country singers.


I do not know whether or not LeAnn Rimes' terrible performance made Carly lose or not because her and Tate were very close. I DO BELIEVE that Carly out-sang LeAnn. You can see Carly trying to work through LeAnn's vocals..


I am so impressed with Carly! For such a young person to compete head to head with a mature adult for so long blows me away. Yes, given her inability to win the X Factor has made a viral outcry. And yes, Tate was the best of the group he started in....CARLY kept her strength, voice, and spirits high! Carly's voice still needs more strong and security in tone. In a couple of years as still a teenager.....she could and would shoot any other Tate Stevens out there. So, way to go Carly and congratulations Tate!


All the you tube video of Tate Stevens from start of the season till the finals has been viewed less than
half number of times compared to Carly Rose's single video of her FEELING GOOD!


Carley Rose clearly outsang LeeAnn Rimes. Carley didn't appear nervous at all. If anything she was trying to sing over LeeAnn so LeeAnn wouldn't mess her up!! Carley is WAAAYYY better than LeeAnn will ever be.!


Tate won and the reaction of Carley Rose's parents put the truth to the win. he is better!

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