Kim Kardashian: PREGNANT With Kanye West's Baby!

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Imma let you finish, but first some breaking news:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reproduced!

No, this is not like the thousands of fake outs in the tabloids: Kim Kardashian's rep has actually confirmed her pregnancy. Kim K. is indeed carrying Yeezy's spawn!

Kanye West with Kim

This comes after Kanye West announced at his December 30th concert "stop the music and make noise for my baby mama," referring to Kim in the audience.

One slight problem? Kardashian is not yet officially divorced from husband Kris Humphries.

But that fact hasn't seemed to stop the excitement, as sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall are all abuzz about the Kimye baby on Twitter! Kongrats to the happy couple!

This is one baby that is going to LOVE the limelight ...

UPDATE: Video of Kanye's announcement below:


If this was a neighbor or a relative, we would be ashamed of her conduct, but instead this is a publicity no talent woman with no morals so we are suppose to be excited by her behavior. Loath all things Kadashian.


Shouldn't she get a divorce before having a baby with another man? Tramp.

Avatar and kayne west


Another couple that don't believe in "no sex before marriage", what is the world coming to .... great start for the kid; mummy was married, but to another man. lmao


They gonna name it after me. Ray J West. Watch.


LOL nice vid Ray J!


It's sad how Kris' "alleged" affair could effect their divorce, but Kim can get pregnant with no consequences whatsoever.


They are announcing to all the world she's pregnant yet the the fact that she's still married to Kris Humphries means nothing. This family have no class whatsoever. I bet pimp mother got the new reality show with Kim and Kanye already in the works plus another show after they have the baby.

@ Really!!!

I totally agree!! Just goes to show that just because you have money does not mean you have class. People like Kim and Kanye are what is wrong with this nation. No morals, no values, slave to the almighty dollar, and ignorant o the real problems of the world. her version of a tragedy is when she can,t find her favorite color of whore paint!

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