Kim Kardashian: PREGNANT With Kanye West's Baby!

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Imma let you finish, but first some breaking news:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reproduced!

No, this is not like the thousands of fake outs in the tabloids: Kim Kardashian's rep has actually confirmed her pregnancy. Kim K. is indeed carrying Yeezy's spawn!

Kanye West with Kim

This comes after Kanye West announced at his December 30th concert "stop the music and make noise for my baby mama," referring to Kim in the audience.

One slight problem? Kardashian is not yet officially divorced from husband Kris Humphries.

But that fact hasn't seemed to stop the excitement, as sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall are all abuzz about the Kimye baby on Twitter! Kongrats to the happy couple!

This is one baby that is going to LOVE the limelight ...

UPDATE: Video of Kanye's announcement below:

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Just what the world needs - another illegitimate Kardashian kid. And we're supposed to be happy about this?


Oh ya that's gonna work 2 people with enormous egos

@ Elizabeth

2 fake clowns get together to make another clown?

@ orlando

Clowns? I love the circus. Kim would make the hottest clown in history bar none.


I am glad for the both of them, maybe both of them will come down, but I like the Kardashian family, mostly Khloe and Lamar!!!!!

@ willa

2 wrongs don't make a right?


Guys, Kim filed for divorce with Kris over a year ago. Kim wants out, Kris wants to keep this going. Why should this matter? So, Kris should be able to affect the relationship with Kim and Kanye? Kim has wanted a baby, and since Kris is keeping her from getting married to Kanye, perhaps this is her way of keeping things interesting? There's nothing trashy or immoral about it. Whether a pregnancy is developed during marriage should not matter either, unless you are a Christian who preaches the bible. Who cares if they're married? If they love each other, as they seem to, I'll bet they'll be better parents than many married couples. Get a grip.


The sad thing here is this WIGGA K. trashian has the nerve to bring an innocent baby into the world w/this ignorant a..hole k. west. THEY BOTH MAKE ME ILL> the poor baby. My heart goes out to this child.


she is so disgusting. this is what people love to hear. what a shame and so many more important things to focus on.


Great, just what we need, a piglet.


As I said before she is a whore. And she is still married and that makes her an f ing whore.

@ critic

Dat so cruel,&dirty!Kim & her baby will ok!!!

@ critic

Couldn't agree w/you more critic. HATE HER & the entire hoe family. I feel bad for this newborn coming into the world w/parents like these 2 morons....

@ joycelyn

Seems like people hating!!!!


Those Kardashian ladies sisters love the black you know what. Not sure they go for it because they like it or if it is for publicity? I bet Kanye is large between the legs? She's a big girl so he must be.


so beautiful pic