Brandy Norwood Shows Off Fiance, Engagement Ring in Hawaii

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With Kim Kardashian pregnant, all other celebrity gossip news has been shoved to the backseat at the moment.

But let's not forget to send congratulations to Brandy Norwood, as this singer is engaged to Ryan Press. And she has the bling to prove it.

The artist snapped a photo of herself, her new ring and her fiancé on vacation this week in Hawaii, posting it to Instagram with the caption: "Repost @ryanpress215! #hawaii #love #forever."

Check out the happy couple now:

Ryan Press and Brandy Norwood

Brandy, of course, is the sister of Ray J... who had intercourse with Kim Kardashian on video... which led to that large-breasted brunette becoming famous.... which eventually hooked her up to Kanye West.

Darn. It really does all come back to Kim.


Hey Brandy gal,wish ya all da best.


I am so happy that u are happy lolllll


Girl brandy u just doing your thing comgajalaim


Congrats kim k. Wish u the best hope it cools the attention fetish u got goin on!!!!!!


Kim u do u if ur happy 4get everyone else ur the only one who have to live with ur decisions since ur survival does not depend on the haters who cares and these r the same jokes who will buy ur music tell them to miss u wth all that


Good for You Brandy U look happy much Success