Bob Costas: Gun Control Would've Saved Jovan Belcher

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NBC Sports' Bob Costas used his halftime segment during last night's Eagles-Cowboys game to advocate for gun control following the murder-suicide of Jovan Belcher.

The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker killed himself and girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, shocking the NFL world Saturday. Costas weighed in on the tragedy Sunday:

In a segment about 90 seconds long, Costas began by mocking the sports cliche about how "this really puts it all in perspective," then became even more pointed.

He paraphrased and quoted extensively from a piece by Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock:

''In the coming days, Jovan Belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe."

"If Jovan Belcher didn't possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today."

The online reaction to Costas' segment was swift, with many people criticizing the longtime broadcaster for expressing his personal views on a program meant for entertainment.

Others praised him for taking a strong stand on the controversial issue and for refusing to gloss over Jovan Belcher's death with lip service and empty platitudes.

What do you think of Costas' comments on gun control?


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It's not about whether or not I agree with what Costas said, it's about the fact that this really wasn't appropriate to discuss during a football game. People don't need to hear his personal opinions or political views during a football game. We just want to watch 2 crappy football teams play football!


I did not like you commentary about guns during the game last night and changed the channel imeaditaly. That's no place for you to be political. I have the right to carry a weapon so I can protect my self from the evil people you are trying to defend. Just think if his wife had had a gun,, things would have been really different only one person dead. You do the math left winger. You just don't get it. And to think I have a son in Afghanistan protecting your ass.

@ Neal

Yeah, Neal, in case you forgot, your son is protecting Bob's right to free speech. And your letter is misdirected: this isn't NBC and Costas isn't going to read posts on some cheezy gossip site.

@ Cryconscry

@Cryconscry Uh, where did Neal even hint that Costas didn't have the right to speech or that the government should infringe upon it? Strawman arguments don't help you at all.


Bob costs suck!

@ Steve gunn

Steve Gunn smart!


I guess we know "Hollywood Gossip's" stance on this. From their labeling Costas' piece as a "rant" (not even in the same galaxy) to the annoying video ad playing over Costas' piece, it's pretty clear of the bias they have on this. What Costas and Whitlock said is true, no matter how much one tries to bend reality. Oh yeah, most of those who do are the same clowns that bent reality to thinking Romney was going to win in a landslide - LOL!


Sean Taylor would still be alive if he had a gun bob...


bob costas is a jack-ass and a has been and has no buisness anywhere near a sports anything except maybe dodgeball. He has no, zero, none, nada sports broadcasting skills whatsoever. He is nothing but a liberal braying donkey given a mouthpiece. He and jason whitlock both need to take a long vacation from any public forum.....

@ dragonslayer1

Funny how pro-gun types suddenly forget Freedom of Speech and go right to fascism when someone attacks their precious guns. Heil Hilter dragon.


I've respected Bob Costas as a sportscaster, but this flushed it all down the drain. Some people not only seem to have complete inability to comprehend what responsibility means, but abusing a sports event for a personal attack by blaming other people's legally owned inanimate objects and an arbitrary "culture" instead of a murderer is just plain sick. I love watching football. People like Bob Costas and their personal, illogical political rants just caused me to boycott at least a few games. His sick, third reich ideology is too 1984 for me to stomach.

@ Henri R Helanto

"Sick?" What a major over.-reaction - guess you have a weak stomach. "Third Reich?" Funny since it's YOU who has forgotten Bob's right to free speech and stifling the media is a major tenet of the fascist Third Reich. Perhaps you're a Neo?

@ Cryconscry

Excercising free speech is perfectly fine, even for Bob Costas, on his personal time and by his personal means. Blaming unraleted people's rightfully owned property for homicide is a horrible insult to victim's family (and intelligence of audience as well). Some people seem to have an excuse after another for belittling the guilt of homicidal maniacs, while pushing their own fascistic political agenda at the same time. And then there are their brainwashed diciples who seem to genuinely think that private property of innocent individuals should be subjected to public vote. Anonymously, online, of course. Nice work, mr/ms "Cryconscry".