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You ungrateful little brat, they raised you and are still paying for your spoiled rotten little attitude they can tell you to do handstands and you better well do it.

Selfish bitch,.

@ Kelly M

I would be sooo happy if my parents would install sopy software to my computer and phone and spy on me. Would not say that's nice like you wrote
maybe you are selfish bitch kelly

@ Kelly M

Buddy, you don't know the whole story so why are you raining down judgement and condemnation? Do you think it is normal for parents to put key-loggers and tracking software on her cellphone and laptop? Then decided she was mentally ill and were going to force her into treatment?

Here's a hint: Your children are not property, they are people with their own individuality and freedom. Giving your daughter a 65K tuition does not entitle you to harass them and stalk them. God, if you have kids I pray for them.


@ William Cheung

I personally know this girl and she really is a whore. She used to buy drugs from my brother till she ran out of money. She offered him sex and he did that a few times until she just owed him way too much and he said she had some kind of weird cold sore looking things all around her vag. Now she tried to hook with with random guys and get them to buy her drugs.

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