Adam Lanza Haircut: Barber Says Newtown Shooter Never Spoke, Should've Killed Himself

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Teenage Adam Lanza would come in for a haircut about every six weeks without speaking or looking at anyone and always accompanied by his mother.

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    You all commentators talk like you know it all, but are you actually in this man's shoes? Have you actually been related to a person responsible for killing so many people and so many innocent children! Have you lived in the very same area where this man lived? Have you had the opportunity to think that all this could be prevented.. Only as if.. So yea, I can accept the barber saying these words.. There's no need of hypocrisy here.. Yeah, Lanza surely needed help.. But his family was responsible for him to get it and his family was also responsible not to keep weapon in a home where a mentally ill person lives.. And now, when it's all over, and you couldn't change a bit of what happened, why is it so bad just to think "what if.." Policemen would have shot him on the crimescene without a blink and you would be OK with that, but when a regular man says something like that you all go resentful and disgusted..

    @ dodo

    WOW! I am never going to trust a barber again!

    @ dodo

    Nicely said..

    @ dodo

    THANK YOU. Exactly.


    C'mon guys, chill the hell out. It's like the "killing baby Hitler" idea. The barber isn't really meaning to be nuts, although it sounds horrible at the surface. But, like the question, "would you kill baby Hitler", the barber was just saying if Adam died prior to this, one way or another, then all those children and adults would be alive now.

    Yes, a more appropriate response would be to say, "I wish Adam had gotten help." However it is understandable that the barber is angry and wishes Adam was the only dead one. Can you imagine how weird it was to cut this monster's hair? You read what the barber said. He didn't look at him or say one word. While I think he was deeply disturbed that required mental health services, some people will think he was unfixable. He maybe was.


    What a heartless reaction to someone who was in dire need of mental healthcare. What are we gonna do start executing people that need mental healthcare?


    His father is a G.E. executive making 1 million a year. No father for 4 years. Everyone knows that family law dictates "the mother always gets the child"...85% of criminals are fatherless. Why can't 50/50 custody be automatic instead of making the father fight for custody and probably losing anyway? The next Adam Lanza might want a haircut from this barber.


    WTF why is this news america media has taken this way over and beyond nont yall think some other crazy person is gunna see this and want to do the same thing


    For this barber to say Adam 'should have killed himself long ago' and 'I wish i would've killed him then' is beyond me. I find it so disturbing for this barber to speak such cruel words. Although what Adam Lanza had done is horrific and unforgivable, but wishing death upon him is not the right way to go about it. Adam Lanza had a mental disorder and obviously needed help...

    @ Jess

    Totally agree. The barber's comment that Adam should have run in front of a bus(and what, possibly harm the bus driver and passengers?!) is totally disgusting. And Adam's haircut is the worst I've ever seen. Maybe the barber should kill himself.

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