Adam Lanza: Did He Preview School Shooting on 4Chan?

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Did Connecticut school shooting perpetrator Adam Lanza preview Friday's stunning massacre on the online forum / bulletin board 4Chan two nights beforehand?

That's the rumor going around, anyway.

Adam Lanza Yearbook Photo

In the following 4Chan forum exchange, an anonymous user purported to be Lanza makes an ominous promise that he will kill himself Friday and it will make the news.

He adds that he lives in Connecticut.

The below screen grabs from 4Chan have been censored, but also appear to show other users egging Adam Lanza on (if it's really him). Take a look ...

Adam Lanza 4Chan
Adam Lanza on 4Chan?

State and federal officials are still putting together the pieces of one of the worst mass murders in U.S. history and the 20-year-old who shockingly carried it out.

The first Adam Lanza photos released last night, in all their boyish innocence, belie the violent thoughts he apparently harbored - and acted upon. Horrifying.

For all the debate over gun control - and you can expect plenty of that - it is beyond tragic that no one saw, or maybe even could see, how troubled this young man was.

Twenty-seven people were killed, including Lanza, who began the day by shooting his own mother in the face, allegedly with weapons registered in her name.


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