Adam Lanza: Did He Preview School Shooting on 4Chan?

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Did Connecticut school shooting perpetrator Adam Lanza preview Friday's stunning massacre on the online forum / bulletin board 4Chan two nights beforehand?

That's the rumor going around, anyway.

Adam Lanza Yearbook Photo

In the following 4Chan forum exchange, an anonymous user purported to be Lanza makes an ominous promise that he will kill himself Friday and it will make the news.

He adds that he lives in Connecticut.

The below screen grabs from 4Chan have been censored, but also appear to show other users egging Adam Lanza on (if it's really him). Take a look ...

Adam Lanza 4Chan
Adam Lanza on 4Chan?

State and federal officials are still putting together the pieces of one of the worst mass murders in U.S. history and the 20-year-old who shockingly carried it out.

The first Adam Lanza photos released last night, in all their boyish innocence, belie the violent thoughts he apparently harbored - and acted upon. Horrifying.

For all the debate over gun control - and you can expect plenty of that - it is beyond tragic that no one saw, or maybe even could see, how troubled this young man was.

Twenty-seven people were killed, including Lanza, who began the day by shooting his own mother in the face, allegedly with weapons registered in her name.


Why are people in 4chan so f*cking rude all the time? And that picture with the dog & the vomit -- ugh, why???

@ Dominique

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errrrr would Adam be able to spell the name of his own state..... if he was a genious as has been stated????




You just went full retard, never go full retard....


It was fake. There's a Ponychan fake too. Maybe you should run that story too.


Good lord, this is such an obvious troll. On top of the page at 4chan is a disclaimer should READ the next time they want to publish such crap: "The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact." I suggest this be page gets taken down. It's just embarrassing.


As a moderator of 4chan I can confirm this is fake.
I found footage he posted on youtube though.


blind people are blind.
look at the post numbers ... 25/52 obvious shoop.


all im gonna say is it is from 4chan i was in that thread.... i just lurked an didn't say anything.
All im gonna say is the pic they are showing is real I have it capped as well.
but my question is: how woul anyone on an anonymous imageboard be able to stop something like this?

@ Anon

I remember the thread, but it's not showing up in my history and i didn't screen cap at all, i figured it was Bs but it all lined up pretty accurately, could you send me the screen caps?

@ Anon

i was also in that thread lurking


4chan's posts always have seconds withing the timestamp. These, however, have hours and minutes, no seconds. These photos are false. A simple trip to any 4can board will disprove any suspicion. Fact check, reporters. It helps.

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