Adam Lanza: Connecticut Shooting Suspect Identified, Dead at Scene

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The crazed gunman dressed in black who went on a rampage at a Connecticut elementary school this morning has been identified as Adam Lanza, according to reports.

The Connecticut school shooting left 27 dead, including Lanza and 18 children.

Conn. Shooting

Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly shot and killed his mother, a teacher, then targeted her kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Police in Hoboken, N.J. are questioning his brother Ryan Lanza, 24, who was originally reported as the shooter; the N.Y. Post says he is not a suspect.

The Post says Adam Lanza and his mother "had a dispute" of some kind.

Lanza used two handguns and a .223-caliber assault rifle in the rampage.

Officials also said New Jersey state police are searching a location there in connection with the shootings. Adam Lanza is believed to dead inside the school.

It was initially reported that Lanza shot and killed his father in Hoboken, N.J., before arriving at the school in Connecticut; this has not been confirmed.

The shooting took place just after 9:40 a.m. Friday.

Adam Lanza Photo

According to a witness report, the school's principal and another staffer were killed while the vice principal was shot in the leg after the gunman opened fire.

A witness said gunshots were heard in the hallway during a meeting this morning and that "100 rounds" must have been fired, according to CNN.

After the shots were fired, three people ran into the hallway but only the vice principal crawled back.

Police responded frantically to reports of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and said the gunman was in the school's main office, according to reports.

The newspaper reports that as of 11 a.m., police were still searching the school with dogs; the death toll rose dramatically and shockingly throughout today.

The event appeared to be the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, exceeded only by the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, which left 32 people and the gunman dead.

Story developing ...

UPDATE, 12/15: The first Adam Lanza photos and additional details have been released.

Lanza is now believed to have killed his mother, Nancy, at her home where he lived, using weapons registered to her. She was not a teacher at the school.

After that killing, he drove to the school and killed 26 people, including 20 children, before taking his own life, bringing the death toll to 28 in all.

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Ummmm...excuse me "anonamous". This wasn't an antsy 16 year old kid. This was a 20 year old man. Maybe he was bullied and maybe his mom didn't pay him any attention, but those children?? Those 20 babies were INNOCENT. They didnt bully him. They didnt neglect him. Why kill them?? There is no excuse for the carnage he has created. No justification. No explanation. No matter what was done to him, those children were and will forever be INNOCENT. God Bless their Families.


i hope that the killer is in HELL
RIP to the poor inocent angels
they will be missed ) :


Aww he had mommy issues. Psychos: put the barrel in your own mouth first. No one cares about your angsty shitty lives and no one deserves to go with you.


this is so sad, but they act like it is a big thing, i mean it is. but u think about it u can figure it out yourself. his mouther prob. gave him no attion, he was bullied and he finally broke. it is very sad. but i think it revoles around the shots man getting bullied at a young age

@ Anonamus

Being bullied or neglected does not give you a free pass to kill people. Yes, bullying is a huge problem today, however everyone at some point in their lives have been bullied. Unfortunately there are parents who are neglectful or abusive and the children of those parents do not deserve that but that does not make it ok for them to go to this extreme. Bullying or neglectful parents did not cause this horrific event today, that man made a choice. People need to stop looking for someone to blame for these things besides the person who actually causes these terrible crimes. Being a victim of bullying or bad parents does not make it ok for you to snap on innocent people, and this is coming from someone who has been bullied. There was absolutely no reason for that man to murder those innocent children. I have zero sympathy for whatever he could have gone through in his life that would make him justify this. Almost everyone has gone through horrible things in their lives, some people worse than others, and the majority do not turn out like this sorry excuse for a man.

@ Anonamus

Are you kidding me? You're PITYING this guy?
"Oh, it's not his fault, he was just probably neglected by his parents and bullied by other kids when he was younger." You think it revolves around HIM?
Not only do you need to learn how to SPELL; but you need to take a look at what you just wrote and realize what you said is ridiculous. It doesn't matter WHAT kind of life this kid lived. HE woke up and decided to get those guns. HE chose to kill, maybe, his own father. HE chose to walk into that classroom and kill not only his mother, but EIGHTEEN INNOCENT children that had literally never done a DAMN thing to him.
That was HIS choice, HIS fault. Not how he grew up or how he was treated.

@ Anonamus

no attention? bullied?? Are you F-in crazy?!?!?!?! how can someone kill children 5-10 years old!!!!!! what is wrong with you for trying to make it sound like he is a victim?!!! omg!!!

@ Anonamus

Whether or not the killer was bullied is not the issue. NOTHING gives him the right to take the lives of innocent people. He was a selfish, monster who took the lives of 27 people. I do not care if he was bullied or if his mother gave more attention to the children at the school than she did to him. NOTHING justifies his actions.

@ Anonamus

Realy oor adam was picked on give me a break. Kill your self do the world a favor . why shoot inocent people. I hope your soul rots in hell.

@ Anonamus

Are you serious? He was probably given EVERYTHING in the world as a child and when mom finally said NO to something he went ape-shit and killed innocent children! WTF!? We are raising a generation of children who don't know how to accept rejection. Grow up! I'm not saying that bullying is okay (not even close), but it's time that kids start hearing the word no and get used to it. Cuz if this continues...there will be more incidents like this occurring.

@ Anonamus

but no one should ever die. but deprission kills first then the breaking point kills ur body. and his poor brouther getting blamed for being involed like just cause he is his brouther. but suiside is not a big thing anymore. age never matters a life is a life good or bad the person is. its a life

@ anonamus

First you need to be hit in the head with a dictionary not that it would help you learn to spell. Maybe you are one of the ones that would and have snapped under pressure but that's besides the point. You are an idiot to defend this murdering bastard. INNOCENCE WAS LOST! who cares if his mommy didn't love him enough, who cares if he was jealous, it did not give him the right to kill those kids.


im really glad that the shooter is dead how dare he kill innocent kids fuck him glad hes dead


Im glad the fucker that caused this is dead, if you kill a room full of little innocent kids regardless you deserve to die.

@ kayla

Well without profanity I agree with you people however our soldiers do the same things in other countries...

@ Dan A P

it shouldnt happen anywhere at all but does any one care about other children no as long as its not them IT JUST SHOULDNT HAPPEN