Zebra Chases Pony in Parking Lot, Hapless Humans Give Chase With Lassos

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No, this isn’t something out of children’s book or animated TV show. A zebra really did chase a pony through the parking lot of a nondescript strip mall in Staten Island.

Zachary Osher of Metropolitan Drape & Blind summed it up best.

“I was sitting at my desk at about 9:20 when I saw a zebra and pony run back and forth across the street, almost getting hit by a car,” he told the Staten Island Advance.

Osher grabbed his iPhone and started recording the zebra and pony sprinting through the lot. The two eventually made it onto a main road, dodging traffic as they went.

Then, amazingly, “Thirty seconds later, I saw two men in dark black suits carrying lassos running across the street,” Osher told the Advance … and wasn't joking.

Eventually, the creatures were successfully corralled.

Police reported to the New York Times that by 2:30 p.m. today, the pair were returned home - to a petting zoo at Victory Boulevard and Travis Avenue just a few blocks away.

No word if the zebra and pony, who were both surprisingly unhurt after their jailbreak escapade, plan on sending in auditioning tapes for roles in Madagascar 4.

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