Trace Adkins Confederate Flag Earpiece: Right, Wrong or Irrelevant?

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Trace Adkins helped ring in the holidays last night, performing "The Christmas Song" at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting on national television.

Simple and sweet, right? Not for those who looked closely.

Trace Adkins Earpiece

The country crooner created quite the raucous across Twitter because he was wearing a Confederate Flag earpiece during the rendition, as this symbol is considered by many to represent a tacit support of slavery.

To others, it's a mere symbol of southern pride.

Adkins is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and talks in length about this organization in his biography, "A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck."

Where do you stand on the singer showing off his Confederate Flag earpiece on such a platform. Respond now and watch the performance below:


In our present times, many people, even some of my fellow New Englanders, display the Confederate flag (specifically, the CSA battle flag; the CSA national flag was known as the "Stars and Bars") to show that they are rebels and not sheep. As for me, I'm not too worried about whether one displays that latter-day adaptation of the St. Andrew's Cross on one's ear piece, license plate or whatever. I look at how people conduct themselves and judge them accordingly.


If the choice was between the confederate flag or the Obama flag- I'll take the confederate. How long will people continue to apologize to a group that hates them basically from birth or are they taught the hate? Have the apologizes worked as of yet?Are we on the verge of unity or chaos? Does it "Political correct Gag Order" actually settle anything or is this like the obama tax hikes on the rich in which nothing is solved it just makes people feel better to get back at the (SUCCESSFUL) Rich People! Once society have put the majority in "Verbal Chains" then what? Or is that the end of the plan.

@ South by Southwest

You sound like a simple minded moron who has spent absolutely no time thinking seriously before writing your stupid statement. You and this hillbilly has everything in company, an inability to think critically.

@ Pete

I see I hit a nerve! Good- Obama is a "BONAFIDE" Loser- I'm sure your stupid ass can relate. He is lost and all he has to do ring a bell and you " PUPPETS" will come to his rescue. This- "HOLD THE WHITE MAN HOSTAGE" Race card playing stance is wearing thin! Your President has no plan and the south is tired of bailing out your Food Stamp Festival! 4 years from now most of you will be Pennie less- stood up by your savior Obama as he vacations in Hawaii and you squat there hoping for a bone. Obama is all about taxing the rich which is a complete waste of time because it solves NOTHING! You people have a vendetta. You are jealous and you can't stand the thought of others success. Obamas pot of gold for you is nothing but an illusion- but you refuse to see it. I wipe my ass with the "O" Flag and I'll think of you as you stand there with your hand out! You people have set your own destiny. - MORON!