The Voice Results: The Top 6 Are …

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The Voice results shows are getting tougher and tougher.

After Monday's performances, all eight of the remaining singers could make a strong case for continuing on, but only six spots were left to be claimed.

Brutal. Making matters even more stressful? The coaches have no way; it's all up to the voters, and it's every singer (not team) for himself or herself.

So who's out and who's on to the final six? Let's find out:

The Voice Top 8

The eliminated two singers leaving The Voice are ...

Dez Duron of Team Christina and Cody Belew of Team Cee Lo.

Surprising? Not entirely. As we said, the field was just too strong.

Dez and Cody both did fairly well Monday night, and Terry and possibly Melanie could've gone home in either of their places, but so it goes; America has spoken.

Cassadee Pope was the first singer to be announced as safe, followed by Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez, Nicholas David, Terry McDermott and Trevin Hunte.

What do you think? Agree with the voters? Who will win it all?

Tell us in the comments and vote in our surveys below:

Did you agree with The Voice results tonight?


Who will win The Voice (of the Top 6)?


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I’m not surprised that Dez and Cody were the contestants sent home tonight. Christina is out of the competition now, and all my officemates at DISH think she deserves it after being so snooty last week. Everyone that made the top six has a chance to win this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have class at night next week though, so I’ll be catching up on The Voice using Prime Time Anytime on my DISH Hopper. My DVR automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks for me. I like all of the remaining singers, but I’m pulling for Melanie to win it all. Go Melanie!


Team Anybody but Cassadee..

@ Rmoney

It's all about fans now as Blake said once. There's nothing you can do about it. Let people choose for their favorites whoever wins deserves to win because he or she is able to secure such a great number of votes.

@ Rmoney

Totally agree. Can't understand why everyone loves her so much. She's very polished but nothing unique or stirring, And frankly, gets a bill shrill at times.

@ Page

I agree. Cassadee has it all. But has everything every other female artiste has! Nothing special, only talent.......but same talent that we hear and see all the time. Her voice is nice, but I would not be able to listen to more than 2 songs of hers before I change chanel! but Nicolas! I can go threw a whole 15 cd record. I love his tone of voice!

@ Elsa

I could disagree more. Cassadee's voice is unique, clear and strong. It lends itself especially well to country music but can crossover into other genres as well. Yes, she has it all. She is very polished, and that's why she deserves (so far) to win. At present, she's the only one that has risen to the rank of a true professional. I'm still waiting for the real Amanda Brown to really show up. If she figures out who she is as an artist before the end, it'll be like a bomb going off. She's the only one with the chops to take Cassadee down. Nick is great but we already know what he can do and there are no surprises left. He's got soul but there is not enough drama in him to win. If Melonie could turn up her vocal volume without destroying the unique and hauntingly beautiful sound of her voice, she could surprise everyone. She's an artistic genius, but I don't think she can blossom that quickly. What she's already accomplished is so impressive. She's the one I can see myself listening to in the future. Terry is an excellent rock balladeer, but that's all he is good at, and it's not enough. Trevin is the one I don't get, at least not yet. They love to lavish praise on him, but my impression is that he's not that good. His soul talent seems to be screaming a very high note and sounding like a woman when he does.