The Voice Results: The Top 6 Are …

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The Voice results shows are getting tougher and tougher.

After Monday's performances, all eight of the remaining singers could make a strong case for continuing on, but only six spots were left to be claimed.

Brutal. Making matters even more stressful? The coaches have no way; it's all up to the voters, and it's every singer (not team) for himself or herself.

So who's out and who's on to the final six? Let's find out:

The Voice Top 8

The eliminated two singers leaving The Voice are ...

Dez Duron of Team Christina and Cody Belew of Team Cee Lo.

Surprising? Not entirely. As we said, the field was just too strong.

Dez and Cody both did fairly well Monday night, and Terry and possibly Melanie could've gone home in either of their places, but so it goes; America has spoken.

Cassadee Pope was the first singer to be announced as safe, followed by Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez, Nicholas David, Terry McDermott and Trevin Hunte.

What do you think? Agree with the voters? Who will win it all?

Tell us in the comments and vote in our surveys below:

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Who will win The Voice (of the Top 6)?


Melanie is wonderful without end. She can win. Cody keep trying please. Amanda and nick have big chances.


I think Melanie Martinez will win and the finalist will be Melanie Martinez, Amanda Brown, Cassadee Pope, and Trevin Hunte.


I cannot believe that Cody Belew was not saved! Next to Cassadee Pope, he has the best stage presence of anyone in season 3! Personally, I could have sent Melanie or Nicholas home easily... Keep going Cody! It's got to be down to Cassadee, Trevin, and Amanda now.


There is no way Melanie Martinez is still standing. We think she is getting through as Adams illegitimate daughter. The show is fixed. :-)


I don't want cassade pope to win she already is famous with her band hey monday.

@ Amanda

I would like Melanie to keep going. Her style is such a refreshing change to the usual screams!,


@tony g
I disagree about Cassidee
I feel as though she is too bland. And you contradicted yourself. You said she is versatile but then said Amanda brown needed to figure out who she is because she's versatile.


Christina is not being fair with Amanda B. She has been critical of her style when she is the most versatile singer in the bunch even Blake recognizes her rock style as everyone else on the planet what is Christina's issues


what is up with Christina and Amanda B. she compliments everyone else for their versatility but she is still waiting for Amanda B to choose her nitch? She is the most versatile singer in the bunch even Blake recognizes her rock side as everyone else on the planet. Christina seems jealous to me


Dez deserved to go, he continuasly sang like he had a stuffed nose! Only got votes due to his looks, not his voice.


.......... ELEMENTARY SCHOOL- DROP OUTS? (some can't read nor write)