The Voice Recap: What's Goin' On?

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The Voice's top eight hopefuls took the stage Monday night with the stakes higher than ever. Only six will move on to next week, and there are no weak links left.

In short, it's anyone's game ... to win or lose.

Everybody came to play, that's for sure. After last week's The Voice was widely touted as as its best episode ever, this one gave it a run for its money. Here's why:

Eight remaining singers, eight strong performances.

When two are cut tonight, it's going to be tough to see them go - the field has great depth for a TV singing show. So who do you think's safe? In danger?

Nicholas David, Trevin Hunte, Cassadee Pope and Amanda Brown feel safe. Melanie Martinez, Cody Belew, Dez Duron and Terry McDermott may worry a bit.

That's as close as we can come to handicapping such a strong group. Share your comments below and tell us in the comments and by voting in our poll:

Who should win The Voice?


I am as disappointed that Cody was voted off, CELO you grew him into a star, he is really a good performer and has really grown where as Trevin is staying stagnet and is holding back due to his insecurity and what you see with Terry is always going to be the same. I look for someone I will listen to on the radio or go see in person and I diffinetly would have gone to see Cody. So Come on Cassady take it home for us and Blake.


This definitely gave last week’s episode a run for its money, I agree! Everyone did so wonderfully, making it hard to choose who should go on and who should be eliminated. Although everyone did such a good job I think that Terry McDermot should be eliminated because he still doesn’t seem to have a strong stage presence. I think Amanda or Cassadee will end up winning overall. This episode gave me and my DISH coworker plenty to talk about today at work. I’m glad I recorded it on my DISH Hopper with the Primetime Anytime feature, last night since I wasn’t home when it aired. I set this up to record all prime time programming that comes one the four major networks without having to set up any individual timers, it saves me a ton of time. I’m nervous too see who gets eliminated!

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