The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Crazy In-Laws With Keys

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The Real Housewives of Miami share their families as the "Parents Fly South" to visit. We recap who was gracious and who's making their daughter-in-law's life Hell in our THG +/- review.

Lea throws son RJ a birthday bash at her Star Island abode. It's become the party place and the 11 year old tells his friends they can wreck it if they want to since they really don't live there. Minus 10.

Lisa & Lenny

As if all of the kids running around aren't enough to make Lisa feel like the only childless person in the room, her in-laws fly in for a visit.

Lenny's momma has her own key to the house and has no trouble letting herself in and making herself right at home. Damn.  Minus 25. Lisa really needs to set some boundaries.  Imagine how much worse it might be if there was actually a grandchild to visit.

Lisa's under a lot of pressure to produce a child. Minus 20. You'd think her husband and in-laws would have a little more sympathy. The poor woman has had three miscarriages.  It's not like she's not trying.

As a matter of fact she heads out to have acupuncture as part of her fertility therapy even though she hates needles but all of this stress really can't be helping anything.

Marysol invites Elaine over to sit down and talk. Plus 12 for attempting to broker some peace.  Marysol admits she likes James but the Elaine persona is a bit obnoxious and she apologizes for any bad blood between them.

Unfortunately, Elaine doesn't seem to care.  I don't see these two going out for a girls night any time soon.

Ana's still ticked off at Marysol but she's got bigger issues.  Why haven't Ana and Rob made it official and signed the divorce papers? They're both dating other people. So why is his laundry being done at her house? Minus 9. That's just strange.

Joanna, Romain, Lisa and Lenny invite Karent and Rodolfo out so the group can assess the Latin soap star.  No one can really get a read on Rodolfo.  I'm with Joanna. My gut feeling is this guy's not sticking around for the wedding and babies that Karent's so desperate for.  Minus 10.

Joanna's mom comes to visit and she seems nice and down to earth but she worries that her unhappy marriage has affected Joanna.  Minus 10. She might be right.

Plus 15 because she agrees that her daughter can be evil when she drinks.  Hopefully Joanna can make the commitment to lay off the alcohol.

Finally Frederic's parents fly in from Paris. It's the couple's 50th wedding anniversary and they are absolutely charming. Plus 20. Adriana would be lucky to have them as in-laws, if only she could get out of her own way.

The anniversary party is lovely. Plus 12.  That vintage Dior dress looks equally lovely. Plus 15.  

But what is up with Lea's necklace?  Minus 13. It looked like something Wilma Flintstone would wear to a party. If Lea fell into the pool those rocks could drown her.

In the end, Lisa won the award for craziest in-laws. Adriana could be the one to get lucky if she doesn't lose Frederic first, and Joanna and Romain end up somewhere in the middle.



I agree things may only get worse for Lisa if she does have a baby; I would invest in a new security system and a change of locks if I were her. I wasn’t able to watch the full episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ because I had to return to work at DISH. I wasn’t sure I would return home in time for the re-runs so I decided to DVR this episode and the rest of the season on my DISH Hopper. It’s nice not having to remember weekly timers and since there is over 400 hours of HD recording space I have enough room to record this show and my other favorite shows that air the same night. I hope Lisa can overcome her pregnancy issues, I think she will make a great mom some day.


Lisa is passive aggressive, she makes comments behind her in laws backs and not to their face. She needs to step up to Lenny and tell HIM to have the baby. Romain was a perv jumping in bed with Joanna's sister and her mom, it was weird. What about Karent trapping her fiancé in her dentist chair to talk about having a baby. The clock is ticking. lol


I love Lisa. Everybody thought she was gonna be a ditz and an airhead, but she's the only one with common sense. I feel so bad for her cuz she's really trying with the whole fertility thing and her in laws seem very insensitive towards her. My in laws are like hers. No boundaries whatsoever, so I feel for her. I hope she can have the baby she so desperately wants. She deserves it.

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