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Dear Ted,

My husband and I started a small business 35 years ago. We work 7 days a week literally and always have. We do not retire because our employees have families who depend on their jobs. We employ 7 people and have for decades. We are and always have been hard workers. Never taken anything for free or asked for help. We are not subhuman varmin as you call us. Stop lumping people as all the same. I will never nor have I ever taken public assistance. We have always paid our own way. If you want to insult people leave us hard working Americans out of your tirades.

I have never posted before but wanted to this time tired of being called names by people like you who forget this is a democracy and people are not all alike.

Not everyone who does not agree with your politics are lazy and expect things for free.

@ Rose

Then that means you are just stupid!


ted nugent your mother is a varmint whore

@ richard oakley

What makes you think he has a mother? I think he crawled out from under a swamp rock. He's a gutless punk has been who keeps his name in the news with his vile drivel. Eat me Ted.

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