Source: Justin Bieber "Wandering Eye" to Blame for Selena Gomez Split

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According to a new report, a certain young singer wants to have it all.

Following the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up, these two stars have been spotted arguing and cuddling, ignoring each other one day and dining together the next night.

Why all the back and forth?

Justin Bieber Wink

"Justin reached out first and hasn't stopped reaching out," one source tells Us Weekly of Bieber's desire to reconcile on one hand.

But on the other?

"Justin has a wandering eye," this same insider claims, backing up allegations that Bieber is uncertain if he wants to be with Gomez or a bevy of beauties.

Another friend confirms to the tabloid that Justin wants "to experience other girls" and that's been the main source of contention between him and Selena.

Understandably so, if true.

So why hasn't the couple officially split? Why have Justin and Selena been meeting up for dinner dates?

"They are best friends," says an insider. "So breaking that habit is tough."

Do you think these two should officially get back together?


I lov lovr love u bi3b's
And dont b back wi selennnaaaaaaaa
Love ya <3


Even if they did break up they need to give other people a change instead of running back to the same person that you may break up with again because if something wrong the first time it can happen again.


Why does it matter so much on who dating who and I think Selena needs to find some one her age instead of trying to get boys who are younger than her.


get some help from a thera[ist justin cause selena is gone move on no body want you to be sad be happy for you fans reaking up with selena long time no se by the way we use to go to the some school together in stratford you probaly don't remember me k dits you l;ater form secret person


6976 22


"experience other girls" pretty lame way to put it. you'd think it was about a video game


he just refused to wear sunglasses.


justin is wants to enjoy his teenage years and i do believe he loves selena but wants to expirence other girls


Justin and Selena you guys are a great couple, i hope you guys work the situation out, you guys been together for a long time its really hard too see all those good memories fade away, you guys are an amazing couple,its really going hurt to see two of our favorites fan apart...


justin and selena are so young, and i think it's natural for people to grow apart, especially with the celebrity lifestyle and them being so young. despite their history and the great times together, i think it's okay if they decide to break up. the back-and-forth can get hurtful, too, over time, so i think it's better to try to be concrete. if you have doubts, or if you have to convince someone to be with you, it's better to be apart, even for a while. if justin has problems deciding, he should give selena enough respect to really break up until he seriously decides so not to pull her around.

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