Selena Gomez "Repulsed" by Miley Cyrus, Angry Over Justin Bieber Work Schedule

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A new report claims to get to the heart of the Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber break-up.

First, according to Radar Online sources, Selena and Justin actually split once before, back around the time Bieber filmed an episode of Punk'd with Miley Cyrus.

Why would that be a problem?

Justin Bieber Strips
Naughty Miley Cyrus
Selena Gomez Up North

"Selena is repulsed by Miley!" this insider claims, adding that Justin going ahead with the show "didn't sit well" with his girlfriend.

And while Cyrus played no part in the latest blow-up, Bieber's work schedule has remained an issue.

"He's been continually choosing work over Selena and she's finally had enough," the source alleges, detailing how this issue came to a head when Justin performed this week at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

It didn't help that Gomez found photos of him posing with models at the event.

"Selena was pissed," the site says.

Gomez and Bieber supposedly met on Sunday to discuss their relationship, with the latter left to decide: does he want a steady girlfriend? Or the chance to have sex with many hot women?

"When they originally started dating, Justin was a boy entertaining young girls, and now he's a man surrounded by Victoria's Secret models," this insider concludes. "Selena doesn't like that."

Choose a side now in this feud, THGers:


You forgot the choice of...................................
Team I don't care


People are only voting for Justin because they don't care what he's done, they would vote for Team Justin if he did something bad. I'm a Justin fan, myself, but on this, I'm Team Selena.


I don't want to pick sides I still love them both very much I have all of their CD's and lots of posters of both of them. I'm pretty sure that they will still hang out together...I hate when pages post stuff like that just stop. Whenever a couple breaks up and then they hang out one day does not mean that they are back together.


"Have sex with many hot women" Um, I doubt Justin would have sex with all those models.. its possible he's lost his virginity with Selena but he isn't the type of guy to cheat... get a life you rude tabloids.

@ Eva

Well, they have offically broken up so it wouldn't be cheating.


why in the name of lord does everyone want to know every little detail about their relationship? Both of then, Selena and Justin are the most boring celebrities on earth. Really boring. At least he could've pick someone with talent. And why does everyone hate Miley? She's adorable.

@ cecc

Dear Cecc!!!!!!!! if it was really as boring as you say both justin and selena are, you wouldnt have wasted your time, reading the blog, or the article for that matter, do yourself a favour, and always remember this for future reference, dont pass judgments, and keep your fingers to yourself if you cant write or think of positive things...

@ claudia

I agree

@ cecc

you're right MILEY CYRUS is adorable,more successful and have much.much better voice than cray,cray Selina g. for sure, probably that' why she is jealous and heated MILEY CYRUS for a long time, eventhough MILEY CYRUS doesn't even know about Selina g. craziness...

@ gie

Who in the hell says cray cray like some black snookie, get off it you loon.

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