Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Expecting a Baby?!?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together.

For Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional purposes? Some believe so.

For parental purposes? One tabloid cover story claims so.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Expecting?

The latest issue of OK! Weekly hilariously claims that Robert and Kristen are officially a couple again and are also expecting a baby.

In fact, anonymous, totally NOT made up sources tell the magazine that the child will be raised in England and the stars are celebrating the news by constructing a "lavish nursery."

The only questions now remaining: What will Robsten names its child?

And does anyone out there actually believe this to be true?

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I dont think its true..but if so a baby is always good and its def not true in saying once a cheater always a cheater (that may be your experiece but that dont make it true) and as for promoting the movie??? I think they are using the movie to promote the magazine..some people just dont have anything else to do..

@ Aimee

People have nothing better to do with their time then to be bummed that they are back together. I think they are Gorgeous together.


If they are happy and want a child that is their business. Not yours. If he loves her and forgave her for cheating, then good for him. You guys are just hating because none of you guys will have a chance. It's ok to be jealous, but to make your jealously known is sad. Just sayin. Let them be happy.


Shes already done the dirty on him she'll do it again. If shes really having a kid she;ll bring it up in La its gonna turn into a druggie too and shes gonna marry 3 times and will end up lonely and will die of a drug overdose. Pattinson will marry once to a singer and will be very happy.


Hope it's NOT true.....I mean come on people. How can they have a baby, when he can't trust her 100%


I won't believe until I see her baby bump


If Robert and Kristen are truly having a baby together it will be the best thing that has happened for them now Robert will know Kristen really loves him, she never cheated it was an one-off incident, happen to everybody


NumBer 1 robsten is Not back together and number 2 he isnt stupid enough to have a baby with trash like her once a Cheater always a cheater


If this is all part of promoting new Dawn movie don't think it is necessary. Movie breaking box office trends without this off the wall promotion. Really???


wahhhhhhhhhhhhh, who gives a crap. he is so stupid going back with that trash. she is not even pretty.


Looks like everything got sorted out in bed! Wow this is like a ROUNDHOUSE KICK landing in the faces of NINNIES...RAGS...AND HATERS!!!