Real-Life Popeye Arms: Moustafa Ismail Insists Guns Are All-Natural

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Massachusetts bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail, nicknamed the real-life Popeye, has the world's biggest arms - and he insists those things are all-natural.

As natural as anything bolstered by seven pounds of protein, nine pounds of carbohydrates and three gallons of water each day can be, at least.

Real-Life Popeye

Skeptics say there must also be steroids or some other artificial means behind Ismail's beyond-bulging biceps and triceps, which measure 31 inches around.

The Guinness World Records is waffling on whether to recognize him.

Moustafa Ismail swears he's legit, though, and that his arms are the result of a punishing workout regimen he started because of a guest at his uncle's wedding.

At the event, in his native Egypt, his overweight frame was mocked.

"They call me Popeye, the Egyptian Popeye," Ismail, 24, said, but unlike the cartoon character's love for veggies, "I like chicken, beef, anything but spinach."

It's not easy having the world's biggest arms. He also takes mineral and vitamin supplements and drinks plenty of water to flush out his system.

The controversy that ensued when Guinness decided to recognize his world's biggest arms - and critics alleged steroid use - has dogged him since, he admits.

Clothes shopping is also a chore. The rest of Ismail is average, so it's touch finding shirts that fit without making him look like a little kid playing dress-up.

Or The Situation.


Synthol Man!


The True world's largest biceps belong to Philip Breecher from Burnsville Mn. He's a life time drug free bodybuilder and powerlifter and ex. pro wrestler. He has been drug tested and documented by Ripley's "Believe It or Not" and has bicps over 25" around and growing.


first of all those are the least appealing biceps ive ever seen...2nd of all idots that call him POPEYE, if anyone has ever seen the cartoon his biceps are tiny its his forearms that r massive...idiots!


It's not muscle, it's synthol which is an oil that is injected into the muscle by these idiots. Why else would his arms look like saggy bags. Muscle it isn't.

@ Bob Smith

That is's synthol, wich explains why they have the funny bag look, if it were real muscle he would have more definition. And if he consumes all those calories, how come his arms are the only thing growing, come on people dont be fooled, it's not possible. The average bodybuilder has 20 inch arms and is cut and ripped to shreds over the entire body, this guy is only fooling himself and the people who don't know anything

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