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Ah, now it makes sense. Now we understand why every teenage girl in our neighborhood is screaming.

One Direction - Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson - have unveiled a new music video, this time in honor of the track "Little Things."

The single is the group's second of the cuties' new album, "Take Me Home." It will hit stores on November 13.

Will this video set another VEVO record for the band? We'll soon find out.

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We hope you're sitting down, readers. Seriously. Take a deep breath. You simply won't believe this.

According to a new report, a member of the Kardashian family may soon get married. But not for love. For money!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Tabloid Cover

Scott Disick was allegedly spotted at a Fort Lauderdale jewelry this week and insiders tell the tabloid he and Kourtney Kardashian have "met with a wedding planner."

How sweet, right? Not exactly.

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Great Britain may be our close ally, but we have a major difference of opinion with that nation at the moment.

According to Esquire, Mila Kunis is the Sexiest Woman Alive. However, according to the UK's version of the same magazine, that honor falls to... Miranda Kerr.

Said the gorgeous model of posing nude, which often has done: “I believe in celebrating the female figure and embracing what we’ve been given."

Hey, we believe in that as well. But this issue must be settled, people. Who is actually the Sexiest Woman Alive? Compare both nominees now and decide: Which would you rather pork?

And the Winner is?

Mila Kunis or Miranda Kerr? Good luck making this choice, guys! View Poll »


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The deadline for Barack Obama to reveal his college transcripts and receive $5 million from Donald Trump has passed.

But a new offer is on the table.

On a Fox affiliate in Dallas last night, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban referred to Trump's gesture as "one of the dumbest things ever" and then made his very own pitch to The Donald:

Shave your head and a charity of your choice will receive $1 million:

Trump never did respond to Stephen Colbert offering the same amount for a ball dip, so we doubt he'll acknowledge Cuban in this case.

But should Trump take the bait?


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Stop us if you've heard this before:

The Internet is blowing up with a topless photo of Rihanna.

No, not the Facebook pictures of this singer half-naked in Hawaii. Nor the shots of her with blonde hair and no top. And, nope, we're not referring to those sexting images from last year.

This time, yesterday morning, Rihanna decided to simply post a pic of herself in bed, sans shirt, along with the caption: "The morning after! Hello November."

Rihanna Topless Twitter Pic

It was the morning after the artist threw a Halloween bash in West Hollywood, which drew attention not just because Chris Brown showed up.

But because Chris Brown showed up... dressed like a terrorist.

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Through a pair of live X Factor episodes, the best thing about Khloe Kardashian as host is clear:

Her nipples.

They were the talk of Wednesday night, as Simon Cowell pointed out the clear view he had of these body parts from the judges' table, and they were also the topic of conversation yesterday when Khloe spoke to reporters.

Khloe Kardashian and Her Nipples

"I was supposed to wear this yesterday," Kardashian said, referring to the blue dress she donned for the Results Show. "And it was not tailored enough, annnnd I wore the other thing..."

But the San Francisco Giants' swept of the World Series, Fox changed around its schedule a bit and Mother Nature even interfered.

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For the first time in months, and the first time since a certain cheating scandal, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner gathered this week for a joint interview.

Did Stewart and Pattinson hold hands? Glare at each other? Was there any noticeable tension among the cast?

Not really. Always at ease with each other, Rob, Kristen and Taylor shared jokes, references and laughs in a chat with MTV's Josh Horowitz.

Watch now and be on the lookout for Pattinson once again talking about the sex scene he shares with Stewart. On-screen, people! On-screen...

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Robert Pattinson is pretty much a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of guy. Sometimes, he breaks out a backward baseball cap.

In other words: he's not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion.

The the Twilight Saga star dons a very different sort of look in L'Uomo Vogue's November issue, rocking leather, spikes and and a few metal studs.

The guy looks more like a member of the Volturi than someone fighting against this vampire clan, doesn't he? What do you think of the unusual garments on Robert?

  • Robert Pattinson Italian Vogue Cover
  • Robert Pattinson in Vogue Italia
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