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George Zimmerman's autograph is being sold to fund his defense in the high-profile Trayvon Martin murder case ... just in case you thought you'd heard everything.

  • George Zimmerman Autograph
  • George Zimmerman MySpace Photo

Yes, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin is sending personally signed thank-you cards to anyone who donates money to his legal defense fund.

Each card will be individually signed by George, the identity of all donors will be kept confidential, and the envelope of the cards will not bear his name.

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Just one day after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a late-night dinner in New York City - where witnesses say they were giggling and in love - this famous twosome was spotted out again in The Big Apple.

Following his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden (which was attended by a certain redhead prior to the latest Lindsay Lohan arrest) yesterday, Bieber and Gomez stopped by Dave and Buster's in Times Square.

And reportedly had themselves a blast!

  • Selena Gomez for UNICEF
  • Justin Bieber at MSG

Justin and Selena walked in "arm in arm," an onlooker tells Us Weekly, prepared to "play a bunch of games." They even rode the venue's indoor roller coaster.


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Eric Hartsburg, also known as Romney Face Tattoo Guy for obvious reasons, is now looking into getting his ink removed ... also for obvious reasons.

Eric Hartsburg, Romney Face Tattoo Guy

Hartsburg was "totally disappointed" by the 2012 presidential election results, having worn his support for Republican challenger Mitt Romney so prominently.

The Indiana resident wants his tattoo gone, and not just because Romney lost; his remark about President Barack Obama giving gifts to supporters didn't go over well.

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Megyn Kelly of Fox News was freaked out yesterday by a developing story ... or just the BREAKING NEWS ALERT graphic splashed on screen by her employer.

A segment on the "fiscal cliff" was introduced with some brand-spanking-new animation, which was news to Kelly, who was a noticeably startled. Watch:

After it appeared, the anchor was shown live, with her hands over her mouth, surprised. She then burst into giggles and even discussed it with her next guest.

"That was a new alert animation, scared me a little bit," she said. "Maybe we should be scared, because the clock is ticking down right now to the fiscal cliff."

Segues like that are why they pay you the big bucks, Megyn.

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Katy Perry has inked a deal to produce her own line of signature scents.

French perfume giant Coty Inc. will distribute the cutie's creations on a broader scale than her previous perfumes, Purr and Meow, which are apparently actual things.

Hot Katy Perry Picture

"Coty has become my partner," the 28-year-old singer told Billboard.

"We are working on the next fragrance, which is almost finished."

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Trace Adkins helped ring in the holidays last night, performing "The Christmas Song" at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting on national television.

Simple and sweet, right? Not for those who looked closely.

Trace Adkins Earpiece

The country crooner created quite the raucous across Twitter because he was wearing a Confederate Flag earpiece during the rendition, as this symbol is considered by many to represent a tacit support of slavery.

To others, it's a mere symbol of southern pride.

Adkins is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and talks in length about this organization in his biography, "A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck."

Where do you stand on the singer showing off his Confederate Flag earpiece on such a platform. Respond now and watch the performance below:


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Miley Cyrus has voiced her opinion on an especially polarizing topic among her fan base:

Who is the most adorable member of One Direction?

  • Miley Cyrus, New Dog
  • Zayn Malik Pic

Showing little hesitation, and clearly disagreeing with the selection of Taylor Swift, Cyrus told MSN recently:

“Zayn Malik! He’s my favorite... Because my friend and him have matching hair. I also think he’s the cutest.”

Careful, Miles. You may spark some serious backlash with that comment. When it comes to supporters, One Direction followers are nearly as manic as Chris Brown fans.

Who do YOU think is the cutest member of this boy band?


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Lindsay Lohan may have just set the new high water mark for celebrity train wrecks. She's been hit with FOUR criminal charges on the same day - on different coasts!

Lindsay Lohan at Liz & Dick Movie Premiere

Police in New York City arrested Lindsay Lohan this morning, which we'll get to in a moment. Amazingly, the fight she got into may be the least of her problems.

The Santa Monica City Attorney's Office will charge the celebrity with three crimes in connection with her car accident last June on Pacific Coast Highway:

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For reasons that defy comprehension, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries remain married.

Lawyers for both halves of this estranged couple met in court yesterday, with Kim's representative complaining that her client is "handcuffed" to Humphries - and not in the usual Kim Kardashian way!

So... what the heck is the hold-up here?

  • Kim Kardashian in Fur
  • Moronic Kris Humphries

"Kris is adamant that he wants the [engagement] ring back," a source tells Radar Online. "And it's becoming a real sticking point between his and Kim's attorneys...

"Kris contends that the marriage was a total sham and that Kim only wed him for publicity so therefore she has no right to keep such an expensive gift."

The gift in question cost around $2 million and is 20.5 carats in size.

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Kevin Clash is facing some sordid accusations from three different men, but he is not without his supporters. Jason Murray is speaking out today in his ex's defense.

A former boyfriend of the puppeteer who voiced Elmo for nearly 30 years before resigning from Sesame Street last week, says he's been portrayed unfairly.

Kevin Clash and Elmo

"Kevin is not a villain," Murray, a 29-year-old teacher who dated Clash in 2004, tells E!

"Yes, he had an affinity for younger men, but what successful [straight] man doesn’t have an affinity for younger women? It’s the same thing, gay or not.”

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