The Voice results included a few surprises, but by and large, the 12 stars who survived after the week's 20 performances are the cream of the crop.

Their collective talent begs the question ... how the heck is America supposed to choose between some of these dynamic singers in the weeks to come?

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It's unofficial, but it's very likely: The canine featured in the following video is the smallest dog in the world.

Named Little Meysi, the Yorkie weighs 3.25 ounces and stands 7 centimeters tall.

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Sam Gordon, a nine-year-old Utah girl, has become an online phenom based on these clips of her flat out OWNING her male competition on the football field.

Not only is she a precision-focused instrument of high-octane offense on the gridiron, but in a sit-down with GMA, she seems like a real sweetheart off the field.

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