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Conservative televangelist Pat Robertson is weighing in on Gen. David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell ... and says he can't really blame the guy.

After all, he's a man, and she's really attractive.

  • Pat Robertson Pic
  • Paula Broadwell Pic

"The man's off in a foreign land and he's lonely and here's a good looking lady throwing herself at him. I mean, he's a man," Robertson said in an interview.

He continued describing Paula Broadwell:

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When do two grunting women smacking a ball back and forth become the cutest video you'll see all month?

When those two grunting women are watched by a pair of adorable kittens.

With respect to Serena Williams, Roger Federer and the beauty of professional tennis, the focus of the following clip is on the pets viewing this impressive sport, as they sit mesmerized by the action in front of them...

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The American Music Awards will go "Gangnam Style" Sunday night.

Korean rapper Psy, also known as Park Jae-Sang, is being honored at the annual event as 2012's new media honoree for his massive cyber success.

He will also perform live at the event.

PSY Photo

He will receive a trophy for international smash hit single, which is now the second most-viewed YouTube video of all time after Justin Bieber's "Baby."

The 40th annual American Music Awards airs Sunday at 8 p.m.

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Courtney Stodden has booked her very first singing gig.

Consider yourselves warned, patrons of the Abbey in West Hollywood.

Described on posters as a "Pop Culture Icon," Stodden will perform the single "Reality" (below) at that club on November 21, telling E! News of the gig:

"I'm super excited, it's going to be such a fun night!

Stodden, appearing these days on Couples Therapy, was recently shot down by Playboy.

But she says that publication is ready by the wrong demographic anyway.

"Oh, my goodness, the Abbey is the biggest gay nightclub in the world! I love, adore and respect the gay community so much and can't wait to meet everyone. I can't think of anywhere else to spend Thanksgiving!"

UPDATE: It's unclear why, but this performance/gig has now been canceled.

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Everything's bigger in Texas. That apparently includes secession petitions.

A petition to allow Texas to secede from the United States has qualified to receive a White House response, garnering more than 81,000 signatures.

Texas and US Flags

The Texas secession movement's leader said President Obama's reelection was a “catalyzing moment" for his group’s efforts "to quit the United States."

Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, said:

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Heidi Klum has come out in the past couple weeks and acknowledged that she's dating bodyguard Martin Kristen.

What business is this of Wendy Williams? Who the heck knows. But that didn't stop the talk show host from going off on Klum and offering advice to her ex-hubsand, Seal, during her talk show yesterday.

"He's worked for Heidi in the family for four years," Williams said. "Seal, you know what that means… I don't think this is a new relationship, do you?"

Williams went on to insinuate that Klum was banging Kristen while Seal was literally in the house, concluding by telling the singer he ought to date Kate Upon out of revenge.

Watch the random bashing of Heidi now:

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In a College Humor original video, gay men urge for marriage equality by threatening to marry straight girls if they're denied. It's an interesting new argument.

2012 election results legalized gay marriage in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota, but plenty of states still don't allow same-sex couples to wed.

For those states, the gay men of College Humor have an ultimatum: Legalize it, or they will have no choice but to marry the crap out of your girlfriends instead.

Look at them. You know they could pull it off.

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Hope Solo's fiance Jerramy Stevens has been arrested for domestic violence following an alleged attack on the Olympic soccer great Monday morning.

They were reportedly set to wed the following day, and did not.

Hope and Jerramy

A spokesman for the Kirkland, Wash., Police Department confirms Stevens was arrested on charges of assault in the fourth degree domestic violence.

Around 3:45 a.m., police were dispatched to a disturbance call, which involved a physical altercation between eight people at a party and the use of a stun gun.

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The moon blocked sun in a total solar eclipse this morning, briefly turning dawn back into night over parts of northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean.

The ever-rare total solar eclipse began just after sunrise in northern Australia, thrilling nearly 50,000 spectators who had flocked to the city of Cairns to witness it:

It was the first total solar eclipse in Australia in a more than a decade and the last eclipse of its kind that humans will see anywhere on Earth until 2015.

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The Voice results show set a new precedent tonight.

Unlike previous seasons, the singers are no longer exclusively battling their team, and the coaches no longer have a say in who stays beyond The Voice Top 12.

In other words, it's anyone's game, and any team could lose two singers in a given week (some speculated this would happen to Christina right off the bat, in fact).

Did it? Find out who was sent home below ...

  • Cee Lo Green as a Judge
  • Blake Shelton on The Voice
  • Christina Aguilera on The Voice
  • Adam Levine on The Voice

The two eliminated singers this week are:

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