Obese Death Row Inmate Claims He's Too Fat to Be Executed (and Sort of Innocent, Too)

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An obese death row inmate trying to delay his execution because he is overweight is now raising an innocence claim as well, according to the Ohio Parole Board.


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    who eeally cares that the inmate is too obese to be executed,you do the crime and you pay for your crime.the inmate should hve been aware of the consequences o his crime,it sucks that the family of the victim cannot execute the condemed prisoner.


    To respond to the comments below me: If you're an inmate with money for the commissary, you may gain all the weight you want. I'm assuming that even on Ohio's death row, he has access to all the potato chips and candy bars he can buy.

    The firing squad only exists in Oklahoma now, I believe. Although, I'm sure it was mentioned below my post more as a "quick solution" to this issue rather than a truly viable one.

    This weight issue was used in my state, Washington years ago, I believe as we are only one of two states who have hanging. I believed an inmate claimed it was unconstitutional to be hanged due to his weight. Don't quote me on this story though--I could have it wrong.

    @ Kats

    Oh, I was right. I should have looked it up before posting the story with uncertainty. (Blame it on it being late on Friday night, hah.) Mitchell Rupe was his name. He died in 2006 in prison from an illness.


    This guy has been a prison for LONG time, so how did he become so fat? What have they been feeding him????


    Wrong! He's not too fat to go before a firing squad. Bullets will pierce his blubber and he'll be put out of everyone's misery. Nice job trying to worm your way out of this one fat ass.


    WOW. The nerve. Put his fat ass on a liquid diet, and he will be ready on time for his execution. Or send him to the victim 's family for a work out.

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