Obama "Revenge" Quote Reverberates on Campaign Trail

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hammering President Obama for a recent campaign speech in which he told the crowd, "voting is the best revenge."

Obama's comment was part a familiar stump speech riff; if audience members boo Romney's name, the president habitually says, "no no, don't boo - vote!"

In Springfield, Ohio, he said just that, adding, "Voting is the best revenge."

In response, his challenger tried to play up the remark (and the current White House occupant) as divisive, telling audiences, "vote for love of country, not revenge."

Asked to explain the word choice, the Obama campaign said that Romney is "closing his campaign with an ad full of scare tactics that's frightening workers in Ohio."

Sigh. Either way, it'll all be over tomorrow. Who ya got?!


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Yes, the President meant it just as he spoke it.
Now, he promises he will work across the isle to get things done next time. Phooey, he hates all Republicans and especially anyone having a conservative or patriotic thought since his college days. Expect 4 more yrs of hating & promising.


That was a slip on Obamas part. That "Revenge" is code for- WHITE AMERICA OWES US! ROMNEY TALKED DOWN TO ME! IT'S PAY BACK TIME! Yes- this is revenge for him and all his followers- they dont love him- they hate the other side. Romney by 6 and you will know it early. 320 Elect. votes

@ Matt Reed

Let's see Obama went from the "Politics of Envy" to a bogus "War on Women" and now "Revenge Voting"--oh, and add deception and lies along the way that he and the Dems have told...can the Obama campaign strategies get anymore negative???? At least we know it's not going to be effective.


The ignorant blacks and the welfare/food stamp losers will vote for Obama. The more intelligent blacks and most taxpayers will vote for Romney. Romney will win, and the country will get out of the hole Obama put us in.

@ allsaints45

I'm a well educated white tax payer and I fully support President Obama. I think your classification of voters is wrong.


Yeah...'scare tactics'...of course, if people were better READ they would understand the riff on a famous quote...'Living well is the best revenge'...but I ask WAY too much.

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