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He should run for select board or city council in his community and make a difference. Work his way up the ladder, so to speak.

@ Cathy Lacombe

Cathy, thats pretty sad.... but also pretty funny for the former governor of Massachusetts.


First he's "out of touch" because he "probably doesn't pump his own gas." So now he's pumping his own gas and he looks "tired and washed up." As far as the media is concerned, this guy can't catch a break.

@ Jeff

yeah, Reddit user mkb95 is "the media". you'reanidiot.

@ m abreu

@m abreu
Maybe you should read what some of the other media reports have said about the photo before commenting. Idiot!

@ Clint

Alternatively, we could all just look at the photo since it's representative of an objective reality (something Romney supporters are generally unfamiliar with).

In the picture, that is a snapshot of reality, we can clearly discern that he is indeed looking tired and washed up. To blame "the media" for stating an objective truth is pretty sad. Are you upset that they used those terms? Or that they reflect reality? How else would you describe what we see in this picture?

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