Miley Cyrus Names Cutest Member of One Direction

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Miley Cyrus has voiced her opinion on an especially polarizing topic among her fan base:

Who is the most adorable member of One Direction?

Miley Cyrus, New Dog
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Showing little hesitation, and clearly disagreeing with the selection of Taylor Swift, Cyrus told MSN recently:

“Zayn Malik! He’s my favorite... Because my friend and him have matching hair. I also think he’s the cutest.”

Careful, Miles. You may spark some serious backlash with that comment. When it comes to supporters, One Direction followers are nearly as manic as Chris Brown fans.

Who do YOU think is the cutest member of this boy band?


my baby niall is the cutest daaaaaaaaaaa


We all know that Zayn Malik is the cutest ! I Love U Zayn !


I think Miley is right and I think that Zayn is the cutest and charming boy I have ever seen


harry is so sexy i wish he was my husband


harry styles is the cutest member of one direction <3 I love you Harry Styles !


Harry styles of coase
He will always be the cutest. No matter wat (love u harry). I don't care I just look for a guy with hair and a six pack.


I think zayn Malik i scut but we're looking for the cutest one here so i think i'll go Harry Styels:)


i think that Zayn Malik is hot, but obviously we're looking for cute so i think it would go to Naill Horan


I personally don't find any of them all that attractive or special. They're five guys who can kind of sing and dance. Honestly, I think Nsync and New Kids On The Block did it better. Although if I had to pick one, I guess it would be Zayn, but I'm not sure. He has some really stupid tattoos which makes him less attractive.

@ Samantha

hi, samantha i agree with you and personally i used to be a fan but now i drifted away from the,...

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