McDonald's Upside Down Flag Sparks Controversy

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A lot of people (48.0% of the popular vote to be precise) are pretty disappointed with Tuesday's election results, but one West Virginia McDonald's is taking it particularly hard.

McDonald's Flag

By and large, reactions to President Obama's reelection range from partisan lunacy (Donald Trump's rant) to classy calls for national unity (Mitt Romney's concession speech).

The Follansbee, W.V. McDonald's? A little different.

Wednesday, it was spotted flying the American flag upside down at half-mast - traditionally, a signal that the flag-bearer is in jeopardy and in dire need of assistance.

An upside-down flag can also be interpreted as a protest, and in the aftermath of Obama's win, many saw the flag as an objection to the 2012 presidential election results.

According to West Virginia's News9, an employee at the restaurant indicated that the flag's upside down, half-mast position had been set by the owner.

By the end of the day, it returned to its full-staff, correctly-oriented position.

A person representing themselves as the owner of the store later contacted News9 and claimed that the flag's position and appearance were "the result of a mistake."

Raise your hand if you believe that's even remotely possible.

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You know if McDonalds is going to get political they will be losing money because the majority of voters voted for President Obama. This is a HUGE chain is worth multi-Billions of dollars and they should pay their workers better instead of being a sad loser of the election based on an election that makes Billionairs pay taxes to help our country and people.
Majority voted for President Obama so these are the people who buy your food dumby!! I will not be going to McDonalds for a while. Small owners will be mad at you for decreasing their sales.


I bet carlos loves the taste of cock-a-doodle-do!


And for you, Free Britney, instead of being so divisive, get real, and set in your mind that Obama is the President of the United States of America for 4 more years. The majority of the country (52%) voted for him. So, DO NOT start your article with such a contentious statement like "A lot of people (48.0% of the popular vote to be precise) are pretty disappointed with Tuesday's election results..."

@ Carlos A Coello

Carlos, I think your photo is so appropriate for you! A "funnel-head" who opened his cranium full-throttle to suck in the liberal bullsh*t that the MSNBC crowd gladly dished out to you with relish! Free Brittany has a right to start off her article anyway she chooses. Freedom of the Press, baby! Your radical leftist media gurus did it with no holds barred during this election and the one you suck it up, Chuck...and let others express however they choose! Remember: 2014 midterms are in only 2 yrs.--- the Political "6 year itch" syndrome always kicks in...that's when your liberal hineys get kicked! And then it's just 2 more yrs. and you'll feel the real pain! Question: Just how much "poo" can your tiny brain hold?!?

@ Princess on the Plains

Hey Princess- I bet if someone whispered in Carlos ass- it will echo for an hour. I'll bet his faggot ass is so deep you could stock catfish in there! If I were gay and decided to screw him I would have to tie a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood to my ass to keep from falling in! He looks like a fagg! A little "TOOT A LUUUU" freakin craps probably have a P.O. Box in his " DOOKIE SHOOT" I doubt he even has to wipe- walls are so far apart. Probably has the word ENTER tattooed on his lower back? Freakin Poddle would get lost in there. His just an all around sick liberal Fu*k! Other than that... I guess he's all right.


And no, that flag up-side down was not a mistake. The individual who did it was trying to relieve his pain and frustration caused for the overwhelming victory of Obama. If I was him, I would put a sign on my door and write, "This fast-food restaurant is only serving to bitter reputricans and conservatives."

@ Carlos A Coello

Obama voters will regret the day they voted for him! Republicans will make sure of it! Many will fly the flag upside down! Many will never give another dime to ANYONE WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA! It starts now! We will see who you really need! The people or the Government- As far as money goes- HOLD ON TO YOUR ASS! It's coming!


It is so hilarious to read the comments of the resentful and disappointed reputricans, hahaha. Let me give you a piece of advise, "suck it up, and get used to it", Obama is the USA President for 4 more years. So, stop the bitching and complaining, and start doing something productive. If you love this country so much, provide good and workable ideas, get involved in your community, go to town-hall meetings and make your voice heard (Yahoo posting do not count). The election time just ended, save your energies for 2014 when you have to vote for a new Congress. Morons! Go Obama, all the way!

@ Carlos A Coello

yes, 4 more years of hearing poor people cry that they don't have a job and WON'T! for 4 more years! The stupid people who think you can make rich people pay is why OBAMA won! ~ good luck find a job idiots... Oh! and saving your homes, why should the rich care? It's your problem now!

@ Sorry for the poor even more n

more and more people are getting jobs since President Obama is in office. read up on stats goof-ball. McDonalds is only worried because they have Billions of dollars and need to pay more taxes now. Do you really think the rich will hire and pay more if they have less taxes to pay??? you are stupid then. rich people are getting richer and greedy. they like the money and will not give it up to poor or the workers. they hire disabled cuz they work cheap and dont complain or quit when they get tired of it or find a better job!!!