Matt Lauer To Be Fired by The Today Show?!?

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Has the axe come down on Matt Lauer?

According to The National Enquirer, the veteran Today Show host will soon be fired from the morning program, partly due to its floundering ratings and partly due to his relationships off camera.

Matt Lauer, Scarf

"Matt is finally getting what he deserves," says the insider. “His years-long feuds with former co-hosts Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry have taken their toll. Everyone has turned against him and Matt is going to be is going to be ousted."

The Ann Curry firing remains a polarizing issue for Today viewers and producers, with everyone agreeing it was handled poorly and many stating Lauer was responsible for the move.

With Good Morning America winning the ratings battle after years in second place, Today recently announced that Alexandra Wallace will replace Jim Bell as Executive Producer.

The new boss is unafraid to "ruffle Lauer's feathers," reports this show insider, and may very well let go of the main man behind the desk.

Lauer's most likely replacement would be Lestor Holt.

What would you think of this move? Should The Today Show fire Lauer?

John conners

Hopefully Matt "the Nose" Lauer will get his due. NBC could not get rid of this jerk off soon enough for me. I now watch GMA and will NEVER watch Today until Lauer is gone. What a "Troll". Ugly, ugly, ugly looking and as a human.


As for them saying he had something to do with the releases or firings of his female counterparts, not sure I believe all that. I think it's entirely possible they're just making him the scapegoat.


I stopped watching when they booted long-time female reporters as they aged. Now basically, regardless of the reasons they trump up, they're doing the same to Lauer because he isn't the prettiest guy in the world anymore. Shame on them! Perhaps one day they'll get smart enough to realize, that's why the vast majority of us aren't watching them anymore. You don't have to be pretty to be a good reporter, you just have to be smart and fair, and that's all intelligent viewers are interested in.


I stopped watching Today a long time ago mainly because I don't like Matt. He's. Pompous stuffed shirt. But!!! I also won't watch Seacrest. Bring Curry back and a new male anchor and you might have a winner.


Let’s see……….NBC’s ‘powers–that–be’ f*$#ed–up big time by firing the wrong anchor, attempted to rehabilitate an a##hole’s reputation & replaced credentialed journalists with Barbie dolls. Hmmm……………….ALL of the ‘powers-that-be’ involved in Ann Curry’s firing be held accountable! And for the record, one of my previous posts stated, “I refuse to watch the Today Show again until Matt Lauer’s been publicly humiliated & fired in PRECISELY the same manner Ann Curry was. She’s a class act – but the same can't be said about Matt Lauer & comments on various internet sites will prove it – hence NBC’s rehab efforts.”


wow. i haven't watched it regularly for years...i didn't know people hated Matt like that until recently when Ann got fired. really i cannot cannot stand that Savannah. lestor would be a great replacement for matt who apparently is a pain in the ass.


i have heard it told that lauer takes a large amount of vitamin C which always gives him really, really terrible gas on set.


Classic example of someone whose head grew larger than his britches. After a while, he thinks he's the real deal and the supporting cast are just peeons. His interviewing of people he does not like is pathetic. The scowls are unprofessional and a sign of his poor mentoring.


He should of been fired in lieu of Ann Curry, and just where is Ann. Thought she was supposed to be a special correspondent. BRING BACK ANN, get rid of Savanaugh.. Nice girl but just not the personality of Ann Curry.. How many emails did you get to Fire Matt in lieu of Ann. Matt needs to get another gig. Oh who brought in that other guy who looks so plastic and no personality.. Lets Have Al, Ann, and the other pretty gal who is on there. No Savanaugh, No Matt - Yea I might come back as a regular. And Issabella, you could not of said it better.


About dogone! time Matt, you needed to go like yesturday! your boreing,unattrative,you are so not funny! your backing stabbing and coniving ways, dude! seriously, you need to go, gone fishing and the boat sank! syanara, arrivaderci, adios,ur otta here. And you do not collect your 200.00 dollars.

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