Matt Lauer Must Be Fired, Former NBC Executive Insists

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With ratings still down and The Today Show still trailing Good Morning America, a former executive at NBC has a solution for this long-running daily program:

Fire Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer Blows a Kiss

“This problem is not going to go away until Matt Lauer does,” the anonymous insider tells The New York Daily News. “He’s great, but fairly or unfairly, his brand is damaged.”

This isn't the first time such an idea has been floated, with many viewers clamoring for Lestor Holt to replace the veteran anchor.

Alexandra Wallace, meanwhile, has come on board as the new producer at Today, taking over for Jim Bell, who was behind the Ann Curry firing.

But is Lauer really the problem? Do you think he should be fired?


Bring back ANN!!!!


I think Mr. Lauer has gotten a little to big for his britches.


Boo Matt Lauer. I've only been watching for about 10 months, but I've hated him since day 1. And I hate it even more now that Savannah is his co-anchor. I didn't even realize how much I liked Ann Curry until she was replaced.


Matt has to go. i would love a Kathy and Ann's show... now that will be a thing to watch...


He is a condescending twit.


I never liked Katie Couric or Matt Lauer. He is an arrogant pea brain.


He was great back in the Katie Couric days. He seems too egotistical now. Savannah has to go too; she's so fake. I stopped watching once Anne Curry was fired.


I think Matt is only part of the problem. Too much fluff & stuff lately. More news, human interest stories. If Matt was agreed to keeping Savannah over Ann, then maybe they have a lil sompin, sompin goin on? :)


The problem is not with Matt. He is the best interviewer they have right now. The problem lies with the cohost not having the bubbly personality or sense of fun that Katie had. Since she left the show has struggled for balance between Matt's dry wit and the cohost's sense of humor or fun. They need someone who has a little sense of show...

John conners
@ njb

Nut job..... you should watch Faux